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Worst to First

In pretty dramatic fashion. He looked like he thought he was in a steeplechase there at the start. Lol.



That was an amazing save and an amazing ride!

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Horses are so weird.

I’m sure Crimson Light knew he was going into the gate for a horse race, but then the bell rang while he was thinking about something else.

But oh, yeah … the race! What, now ??? Right now, you mean ??? So Crimson Light thinks OK lemme get this done, then I can get back to the rest of my life.


The jockey said he saw the fence inside of him and thought he was supposed to jump it. :astonished:


I watched this race live on YouTube (“Aqueduct Simulcasting”). I LOVE the jockey, Kendrick Carmouche (“Louisiana in the House!”). It looked like Kendrick nearly fell off at the beginning (if you saw a head-on view). It’s too bad that “America’s Day At The Races” came on later----Kendrick is always a great interview and very entertaining. I think Kendrick said in an interview that his daughter is into hunter/jumpers.

Crimson Light is by City of Light, same as Fierceness. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, if he managed to win this race with that start, imagine what he might do the next time if he actually grasps the process a little better. He might win by twenty lengths!

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This video shows the start in more detail in slow-mo. It’s a miracle the guy even stayed on, much less got to the wire in front. :hushed::racehorse::hushed:




The head-on view at the end really does show that the horse was headed for the side fence, not the racetrack. Oh horse.

It’s pretty crazy.

The fact that the jockey was able to completely defy the odds and stay on when his center of gravity was so far off to the side seems just incredible.

Never mind the rest of the race!

I love Kendrick Carmouche (jockey). He’s such a patient, sympathetic rider.


Kendrick was very kind to the horse in the Paulick Report interview—he said he’d ridden the horse a few times in gate training and knew he was a kind, good horse that didn’t want to be bad or naughty, just was briefly a little overwhelmed.


Thank you, MHM, for posting that link. Loved to hear what Kendrick said about the race. Lots of times (as in your link), I’ve seen someone from other-than-the-regular-broadcast-team interviewing the jockeys after the races. In fact, I watched one jockey who won a big race interviewed by the regular ‘crew’ and then later saw an interview with him in Spanish about the same race.

If you want to see the whole race (although Crimson Light is out of the picture until late), start at around 1:40:55.

Aqueduct Simulcasting - January 7, 2024 (youtube.com)