Would like to move to North Carolina

I live in a pretty amazing place for horses - KY - but I’m tired of being here and want something new to move myself, my horse, my dog and cats to. I love North Carolina. I know more about Western NC than other parts, but I don’t know anything about horse life there. I know Tryon is up and coming and could be a great area for the winter.

Currently, I am thinking of just a temporary move to try it out - nothing too permanent unless I fall in love and can’t leave (and I think that might be easy to do!). I’d like (or at least I think I’d like) to find a place where we could all be together on one plot of land, but still close to conveniences like health food, WINE ;-), well, I can’t think of any other ‘necessities’ - heeheehee. Well, maybe SPAS!

I ride Dressage, but I don’t compete. A covered arena with perfect footing is high on the priority list.

Anyone live in that area and could advise?

I moved to Charlotte NC about 12 years ago from the Chicago area. At the time had 1 horse which I boarded. I was competing at the lower levels and still working so needed to be near a city. Generally speaking the Caroliina’s top dressage trainers are very spread out. Tryon area has a few top trainers as does Charlotte and the Raleigh area. Join NCDCTA and SCDCTA to get the list of trainers. Start your search based on where the most qualified trainers are located. Keep in mind most in demand trainers will not travel. Most all training barns have a covered arena as the summers are VERY hot and humid! Keep in mind western NC does get snow in the winter! Board at dressage training facilities run around $900. Hope this helps

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I am in Sanford which is halfway between Raleigh and Fayetteville. My trainer Lynn Doki is in Aberdeen and has a covered arena. Nice amount of rated and schooling dressage shows around me. Carolina Horse Park, Pinehurst Harness track are nearby and about 2 hours to Williamston.

Pam Stone is near Tryon and is relatively reasonable. I think she is in Landrum.

If those are your requirements, I suggest North Star Training and Lynn Leath. She is an excellent trainer/instructor and has a covered arena with perfect footing. Chapel Hill.

The Foothills towns (Tryon and Columbus, NC, and Landrum and Campobello, SC) are a concentrated hub of horse activity. JJ Tate, Jodi Lees, Hokan Thorn, Julio Mendoza, Ashley Perkins, Carolyn West, Leonie “Button” Baker, and more FEI riders all live/teach in the area and most work out of barns with covered arenas and excellent footing. Lots of good clinics, too. Weather is mild in the Spring and Fall, can be freezing in the winters (but not for too many days in a row), and is very hot and humid for June/July/August/into September. LOTS of Air BnB rentals and small inns for a stay to check things out. If you’d like a copy of our Equestrian Directory, send me a PM with your address.

Our barn makes a trip down to Pinehurst/Southern Pines in the spring for training… I ride with John Zopatti, who trains out of Will Faudree’s barn, and he’s great. They have a really nice indoor that has the big garage doors that open, Big Ass Fans, and the most amazing footing ever. We board at Longleaf Lodge next door and ride over–if you want just a short trip to check it out, Longleaf is great. Southern Pines is a very horsey area.

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Heather Mehal Dressage in the Southern Pines area teaches and has a boarding barn with a covered arena. Lots of dressage and CT shows in the area. Not a bad trailer ride to Camden and Aiken SC for more winter shows.

I also live in NC–Hillsborough area. I think the dressage “hubs” in the area are the Triangle, So Pines, Charlotte area, and Tryon area. Much farther east or west and its a bit more of a drought (there are exceptions of course, but there is more limitation in good barns/footing, good trainers, etc). However, that gives you 4 areas of NC to check out to see if they fit what you are looking for (each area has a distinct “flavor” in non-equine general living aspects).

Over the years I have worked with a lot of trainers in the Triangle area. Some I liked A LOT, others I had a useful time or two but I did not mesh with for the long haul, only a few I would not recommend if you are a serious rider. I currently work with Brooke Doss and she is amazing, but I have others I would recommend as well if I had more specific criteria.

For those in the know, are there any traveling dressage trainers around the Winston-Salem area?

Anne Aloi is in Advance. Highly recommend.

I’m moving from Lexington to Winston Salem in December! Following

I’m sending you a pm :slight_smile: