WWYD trailer camera

Need advice I’ll try to make this as understandable as possible….

I have a 2021 GMC 3500.
It came with a camera kit for a trailer.
The screen inside the truck can display the cameras view.

I want to have a camera mounted to the back, and a camera mounted inside.

I asked gmc if I can buy a second camera so I can have two, and toggle between two views.

Dealership said I cannot do two , I have to have one or the other Because there’s only one outlet in back of the truck. I also asked if the two can be combined to one plug and that’s a no asp because computer can’t handle it :woman_shrugging:t3:

So which one should I do? If I install a camera let’s say the back, I won’t be able to install a different brand camera for inside the trailer.

Does that make sense?
Is there such thing as a wireless camera?

what about adding a converter switch that allows you to select between the camera feeds? this would maintain a single camera feed…the computer really is not that smart unless the code has a line that verifies the camera as “This Is the ONE camera that is supposed to connected to this feed”

One of posters on this board husband works on the GMC product development, maybe they would answer

Yes there is such a thing as a wireless camera. I have used 3 different brands for horse trailer interior monitoring over the past 30 or so years. I had one that could toggle the screen to monitor up to 8 wireless cameras. But I only had 2 cameras set up with it; a camera on the rear of the trailer for traffic, and one in the trailer for the horses.

A Google search for “wireless horse trailer camera” will lead you to lots of info and brands if you are interested in the wireless route to monitor your horses and the traffic behind your trailer.