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X-ray on a 3 year old jumper prospect. What do you see?

A horse I liked quite a bit was recently pending PPE with another buyer. Fortunately/unfortunately, they passed on him due to xray findings. The fortunate part, I guess, is that they shared the xrays with the seller, who shared them with me. The horse is a coming 4 year old jumper prospect. I wonder if folks here may be able to tell me if they see any lipping in the hocks (or I suppose anything else concerning). I’m having a vet review as well of course. Is this typically a career-limiting thing to see in a young horse who hasn’t really gotten started yet? Really appreciate any opinions, feedback, anything!

I’m not sure how many qualified radiologists frequent the board, so I’d highly recommend having a radiologist consult on your images. When I was shopping a couple years ago all sets of rads on horses I was considering buying went to https://puchalskiequine.com/ for additional review and it was WELL worth it.


The most common reason for turning down a youngster on xrays is OCD. I don’t see anything awful on the images shown (NOT a vet!) but I can’t imagine they shot two plates and called it a day. Definitely see if you can get access to the entire set for your vet. Hopefully you will get a bargain!


I am also not a radiologist and not going to comment on the x-rays. But will share that I was in a similar situation. I was looking at a 2yo Holsteiner mare who had a massive deck of x-rays done by a prospective buyer. Their vet saw a hook on each of her hocks that they felt was career limiting and they passed on her, but very graciously gave all of the x-rays to the seller.

My vet looked at the x-rays and said, “I feel confident telling you those hooks will never impact her in any way, shape, or form” (and you know how rare it is for a vet to say that!) and greenlighted the purchase.

The mare is now 13, has won everything through the 1.40m jumpers and is now packing my kid around the 3’6" medal/eq, and has never taken an off step.

So all of that to say that sometimes buyers see something they can’t tolerate, and it’s…well…nothing you need to be afraid of.

But I would absolutely take those to a vet I trust and not try to get opinions from non-qualified folks on a horse board!