XC Saddle with lifted cantle for OTTB

Another saddle thread!!

I am looking to replace my Rodrigo Pessoa saddle with something more XC-like, ie. closer contact and deeper seated. I had a saddle fitter out yesterday and I am slightly overwhelmed with choices, as I don’t have a ton of experience in this area.

My horse is an 8 yo OTTB. He is pretty stocky, with typical high withers, but his back dips slightly where the cantle of the saddle sits, so he needs something that sits lower in that area. That’s best best way I can describe it. Every saddle we put on him looks like it needs a lift in the back. I love the Stubben Roxane but there’s no way that it’s every going to fit him; the cantle was sitting way up off his back.

Has anyone dealt with a similar issue? Any advice for brands or models to look at? Trying to keep the budget close to $2500.

Not a saddle fitter, but sounds like you need something with deep gusseted rear panels. Check out Black Country for sure.

Frank Baines tends to have deeper rear gussets and fit a number of TBs well.

This, exactly. My saddle person told me exactly that - and the BC that I have is perfect for this.

I would go with gusseted panels and deeper as mentioned above. Black Country is nicely gusseted but I have also found that Frank Baines rear gussets are often deeper. Many saddles can be ordered with deeper rear gussets but won’t usually be in that price range.

Thank you for the feedback! Will definitely check those out!