XC vest fit

I’ve recently started shopping for a XC safety vest. Based on some of the threads here, I purchased a Champion vest (looking for something that’s mildly tolerable in warm weather).

The one that I ordered is a size large. It seems big (like the fit of a life jacket). If I tighten the sides all the way, it seems to fit securely, but it is by no means snug. The length seems appropriate (no risk of hitting the back of the saddle).

I plan to visit a local tack shop this weekend to get an opinion, and will also ask my trainer, of course, but just wondering if there are any “rules of thumb” for safety vest fit. It’s my first time owning one, so any advice is welcome!

In answer to my own question, others might find this helpful!

They should fit snugly, but still allow full range of motion. You want it to move with you, but not be so tight that you feel suffocated or restricted. Here are a couple of articles that have some discussion of fit.


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