Yearling insurance

Hello, I am about to renew my GOV yearling’s insurance. I bought him last November as a 5 month old. He is now 16 months. While he hasn’t done any shows, which I know weighs a lot to the underwriters, he has had a lot of training. He is extremely halter-broke, cross-ties, grooms, clips, bathes, and is quite desensitized. He has wonderful bloodlines. (Contucci x Dream of Glory x Feiner Stern).

It only makes sense that his value has increased in the last year. Does anyone have any advice about a growing baby’s value year after year? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!


I have a 3.5 year old that I bought as a yearling and haven’t increased his value on the insurance because I don’t want to pay any more in premiums. Insurance is about the amount you cannot afford to lose, not necessarily what the horse is truly “worth”.

If you want to bump up the amount you would receive should he be lost, then look at ads for similar horses. To the insurance company, he is worth what someone would pay for him if you sold him.

As long as you’re not too out of line with the market, they will probably accept the new value. If there is disagreement you may have to pay for an appraisal.


what a gorgeous baby~!

I’m in the same boat with my yearling. He’s got a TON of training in the last year, all done by me, so no trainer receipts to show value increase. He’s done a couple of Morgan shows as well. I’m leaving his value alone for now, and will worry about increasing it when he’s out more and started under saddle (also by me, so still no receipts).

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I was able to insure my foal for a substantial amount because I could document his dam and sire’s value…and the prior year’s foal’s selling price. I haven’t bothered to change the value since it was so high.
Can you get information about dam and/or sire or prior babies from either of them? I didn’t have to show paperwork.