Yeast infection in feline ears

My 4yo barn baby was treated with antibiotics twice daily for two weeks. No more scratching or discharge, how to prevent it from reoccurring? And as he and his sister are pretty cuddly, is she at risk for one too?

Vet gave(sold) me a water-based otic rinse w/polyglycol, alcohol & drying agents that seems to work well.
Spritz into ears, let cat shake out excess, clean w/cotton ball < if cat allows, mine adios ASAP after spritzing :roll_eyes:
Seems to do a good job with/o needing more than a single application.

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If it recurs, you can use OTC yeast infection meds (the kind for vaginal infections). Same thing you get from the vet. This suggestion comes from my mother, who is one.

I am not sure if this is your issue, but I had a cat with messed up ears when I got her. Anything w/ alcohol stung b/c she had irritation/raw parts that I couldn’t see. I felt so bad the first time I tried it. She went nuts.

I found some oil made for pet ears with cloves or something*…that worked super well. Oil dissolves the waxy yuck. I used it as 2Dogs suggested - let cat shake it out herself. After a long time with good food she stopped making ear goop and had no issues.

*PSA - do not use tea tree oil

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I have also used Vagisil for yeast infections on animals and it works well. So just keep an eye on his ears and swipe some on if his ears start to look infected. Good luck!

Oh good to know—thanks!