yet another bridle question

SORRY, I know there are a lot of these. I did search and couldn’t find any answers that were really pertinent.

So, I need a new snaffle bridle. I don’t want to spend over $300. I currently have the SP Plymouth and we need an upgrade. More padding, better fit.

I was looking at Kieffer’s. Any thoughts on these? Any Experience? Any Recs? Ill take suggestions.

Just FYI: I am not into bling, at all. I’m boring.

He has a cob nose and horse forehead because he is special and perfect. :winkgrin:

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be most appreciated. :confused:

I am curious to hear what others say, I like the look of the Tara…

Kieffers are going to cost you around $300+ if you want headstall/reins, however, in my frank opinion it’s money well spent.

I dont think the first one you linked is approved for dressage legal.

The second is blingy, I’ve seen it in person - it will swallow a refined head. Definitely want a coarse head for that bridle.

The Ergonomic line remains one of my favorites, but again, better on a noble profile unless you go with their thin noseband route.

The Perseus is very nice, a few girls here have it. No complaints and they love the hidden flash loop.

The last link is also a Tara(same as first).

Kieffers will last you a long time. They’re good quality, but you can’t abuse them the same way you can a Stubben so you best keep them in good care.

I personally really love this bridle, I have it, it’s super quality and very soft/comfortable:

You can get it thru Dover w/ reins about ~250 USD.

Here it is on my guy, a very candid closeup:

I opted for the wide noseband because my guy has a huge clonkin’ head:

Me too. It’s different, right?

Thank you for such a thoughtful reply. So so helpful!! I did not even think of the Tara not being approved. Also, thanks for a pic of the bridle on your handsome horse! He’s gorgeous. At first, I didn’t think I liked it, but when I saw it on him, I changed me mind. Thanks so much!

From all the bridle stalking at do at my barn (I love going in a feeling them all and then seeing what brand they are), I’m not a huge fan of Kieffers. They usually feel harder and less supple in my opinion. That being said, I do love the Passiers and the Schockemohles. I know some hate the Schockemohles, but that’s what I (and both my trainers) have in both doubles and snaffles, and I think they look great and hold up really well. My guy has a bit of Arab in him a little ways back so his nose is a bit more refined as well (but he has a normal forehead too (; ) and it fits him well. I have this one with the small row of crystals on the front and it seems to compliment his crazy looking blaze well :winkgrin:

Another vote for the Paris here – REALLY flatters my TB’s head, nice soft padding throughout, broke in pretty quickly and mine still looks quite new after almost 4 years (i do clean it pretty regularly, but not every ride). i will say that i switched the reins, i hated the reins that came with it. I am considering the matching double, since I know the snaffle fits him very well and he’s comfortable in it.

Absolutely love the way the PS of Sweden looks, how it fits, and how my horses react to it. You can purchase it in pieces to get the best fit.

The Kieffer Anja snaffle bridle I have is very nice. Soft, supple leather and suits my Welsh/Arab’s head very nicely. IIRC, it wasn’t terribly expensive. I’m not sure exactly what it cost, since mine is over 8 years old. It’s been in storage for 6 years and the leather is very soft still, even though it hasn’t been cleaned or conditioned in a very long time. The kinks worked out very easily too.

I used to work at a high-end tack shop and I noticed a distinct drop in Kieffer bridle quality - starting about 7 years ago. We got lots of returns and complaints as they had been known as a top quality brand for decades. Perhaps the pendulum has swung back, but I’d certainly go see the bridle before you buy it or make sure you purchase one from a shop that allows returns. A quality dressage bridle shouldn’t be stiff when new and have to be worked in or conditioned heavily to become soft. Of course it will be a bit rigid before use, but the quality and suppleness of the leather should be evident right away.

One vote for Passiers, my horse has a big head complete with a roman nose, so their Juno bridle with the bit ring recess looks great on him. I can’t speak to how it would fit your horse, but the quality is superb and they last FOREVER

I love my Kieffer! I bought it 5 years ago, I think the quality is great. It offered the options I wanted - NOT a crank, padded crown piece with the cavesson running in a channel over the top (not a mono crown). Now I’m shopping doubles - and leaning heavily toward another Kieffer.

I dont think the first one you linked is approved for dressage legal.[/QUOTE]

Hey beowulf! Help out an eventer. Why isn’t the Tara legal? Is that just straight dressage or for eventing dressage too? Thanks!

Hey beowulf! Help out an eventer. Why isn’t the Tara legal? Is that just straight dressage or for eventing dressage too? Thanks![/QUOTE]

If you have that bridle I think the best thing to do is email FEI or USEA for clarification; last I checked, any sort of twist on the traditional caveson was given some serious side-eye. The Micklem was up until recently the only ‘untraditional cavesson’ approved; it looks like it would function the same as a Micklem or even a P.S Of Sweden, but as we all know, the things prohibited in the rulebook rarely make sense. I’m still not clear on whether the P.S Of Sweden’s version of the Micklem is allowed since it isn’t explicitly mentioned.

I checked the USEA 2016 rulebook:

  1. It may have a cavesson noseband, dropped noseband, crossed noseband, or flash noseband.

APPENDIX 4 has drawings of the various bridles allowed, on pg 89 of the PDF. It shows a ‘STOTZTEM’, which is a little different.

The metal ring that is flush against the side of the cheek would probably make it illegal as well as the fact that it’s not a true flash noseband, although the fig-8 and micklem both have them so I don’t know why it would be a problem. I just know when the Micklem first came out stewards were pulling people left and right and saying that the ‘ring’ made it illegal. It’s legal now, so there’s that.

Generally, if it is not mentioned explicitly as allowed in the rulebook, I assume it is not allowed.