YOU can help the NYC carriage industry TONIGHT Dec 14 9-10pm

To all the COTHers who support the NYC carriage business, and who have a Twitter account, I am asking that you each take part in our “tweet storm” tonight, for the hour 9-10pm.

As the new mayor’s inauguration gets closer, along with his promise to ban my family business and that of 200 other families, we are trying to get the hashtag #SaveNYCHorseCarriages to trend, to get the word out.

All of the particulars are here:

Thank you all in advance for this, and thank you for past and future support, too.

8-9pm CST for some of us! My thumbs are getting warmed up

8-9pm CST for some of us! My thumbs are getting warmed up

Many thanx, Belgian!


Tweeting because I know first hand what can go wrong for a horse if his owner can’t afford him. The NYC carriage horses have jobs and are well-cared for.


It was AWESOME, what an amazing outpouring of support, hundreds and hundreds of tweets & retweets on our behalf, and many went straight to the mayor elect and the city council. We didn’t trend, but we got the word out and built support, many, many thanx :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to follow along on Twitter for next few crucial weeks and months, I am at