You have less than 5 minutes - what to include in video

for a clinic application?

This is new to me. I’m as old as dirt so (when I was sort of someone in my tiny area of the world) I used to just get invited by organizers.

There is one coming up that I’d like to apply for, but am clueless about what makes the best kind of application video. Show warm up as well as actual work? Show items of difficulty or leave them out? Should it be one take or is it ok to piece bits together (cut parts out) to stay within the time limit?

Please tell me people don’t braid for application videos - I mean I can, but ugh. lol

Please educate me - I will definitely audit, but would like the best chance possible of actually getting accepted to ride in it. Thanks!

What level do you ride at?

3rd with garbage changes + good piaffe + baby pirouettes.

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Why not ride your best third level test?

Small indoor :frowning: and outside is a no go because we’re frozen up for the next month or so.

Ah. Transitions within gaits and between gaits. Halt and rein back. Stretchy circles and free walk.


Since you can’t do the whole test in order in a small arena, could you re-work it to demonstrate the various movements (or whatever you want to show) in a similar kind of order? Show everything on both reins, for example.

Since it’s a clinic and the whole point is to learn something and improve, I would also include an attempt at something that is not yet polished. But I don’t know if that is the ‘done’ thing… I’ve never applied for a clinic! I assume that they are just trying to sort you into groups, unless this is one with a Very Big Name that is over subscribed and you may not get in. In which case maybe not!


I’d send in a video showing your strengths at third level and what you’re schooling at fourth. You can also show your attempts at flying changes. It’s a clinic and they will be looking for concrete things the clinician can work with/help you with. You can explain your strengths and weaknesses in the email, too.

IME, the organizer wants people at all levels for the clinician and the auditors. Even BNTs want to know in advance what to help you with.


You have to apply to ride in a clinic?


It’s not uncommon for a clinic that wants to have combos at several levels, esp in situations where the clinic is expecting many auditors. They want something for everyone to learn from.

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Yes, more symposium style with a fairly big name. Most of our big ones require application and although back in the day I had a student or two apply and get accepted on show merits, the video thing is new to me.

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe there is a fair process with these video applications…. I and some friends of mine applied with a video in the past and the riders chosen were only the well- known big names… I think usually the riders chosen are set anyhow…. So don’t get too crazy about this.

Send a video which you like and which you like to watch yourself. Don’t include anything which looks crappy…. Simply show off the best things about your horse and yourself Good luck!!!


I’ve ridden in a few clinics at expos that required application videos. I just included some footage of my strongest points and then some of the things that were…less than ideal if it fit the criteria of what the clinician wanted to work on.


Yes I’ve done this.

Big name riders draw more auditors and give credentials to the clinic.

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I agree, show your best bits and then some of your work in progress. I assume there is also a written application where you can give a small resume and what your are working on.

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It also weeds out the people who just want to say they rode with ABC person and show up completely out of their depth.

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