You know the horse market is crazy when

You know the horse market is crazy when…

An ad for a teenaged, lower level jumper/dressage TB horse but isn’t up for the task anymore; so is looking for a retirement, very occasional light-riding type home. $35,000-$50,000.

An ad for a tall, baroque cross, green hunter/dressage competition horse; described as ‘Gods gift to the equestrian world’ (my interpretation) but videos show less than average mover/jumper including a tendency towards cross cantering. ** Probably would actually make a good husband horse. $50,000

Feel free to add yours…

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:open_mouth: Where are these ads? Dubai?

In my part of the Midwest, the Big Market is QH & youngstock are going for low to mid 5 figures.

Hunters & Dressage horses can be pricy still, but not as your ads described.
The horses in those ads would be low 4 at best!

I haven’t seen anything like that here in the PNW. I do think some folks get a bit silly pricing horses but most have been inline with skill/price range. OTTBs have gone up a bit, but are still a good value if you know what you’re looking for. Covid restrictions at tracks have made buying a bit more of a crapshoot there, though. The market that seems out of control is the going 3 foot and up hunter. Yowza! Seller’s market for sure! Supply and demand are very real.


USA for the win!


Yes. One of those ads was PNW locale.

Snicker, if it was a FB ad, I bet I know who.

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I have a feeling I know who that is too.

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I saw an ISO a few weeks ago for a “safe, fancy Hunter to do the 2’6” to help an AA start her horse showing career”…and stating a six figure budget. NorCal.


Yup, pretty normal for the WINNER in the 2’6. My trainer is shopping for a few of these types and it’s tough to even find one, regardless of budget.


For the winner, sure — although that’s still a thing that feels silly, but we get a lot of derby horses who show with their AAs in the 2’6”. But to “start” her showing career? Yikes.


How about the experienced AA that needs to buy imported Warmbloods to do the .7-.85M jumpers BUT has to have the horse dumbed down before it flys? Not the first one either. True.

**Not really related to the current crazy market though.

You sure spend a lot of your time concerned with what other people do.


Did my observation rub you a little raw for some reason?

No, I have two 3-year-old TBs and a 5-year-old import who is quite green—but I don’t judge the horses people buy and why. Not my money or my business. But you, on the other hand, seem very interested in other people’s business, as evidenced by this and your baseless accusations of a rider using a headset device on your other thread. It’s weird.


This is COTH. We do that here, bad or good.

I am considering making a “lowball” offer on a horse right now who is being advertised 15-20k above his value. I have an outstanding relationship with the owners and know the horse well. I’m hoping they’ll come to their senses.


A horse is worth exactly what the buyer pays! Silly or not it’s just your subjective opinion.

That said, Idk who’ll pay the up to mid 5s for the retiring horse in the OP’s first comment…


Of course. It’s like art! But I do think when other buyers see ads like that it creates the perception that that’s basically table stakes to get started in the sport, which I think probably isn’t helping.


That’s a lot to shave off… are they just overimpressed by the animal or did they sink a ton of money into getting it to where it is now?

Bit of both. They put money into tricks with fairly BNTs and not dressage people so don’t have a complete understanding that tricks =/= training. The strength and relaxation are not there and he’s in his early teens. He is a “only for a special someone” kind of guy and has a serious spook/bolt-- my trainer says he should be free but owners are not realistic and too invested in sunk costs.

I know several people right now with budgets of 200k who can’t find the whole package junior or AO horse, both nice jump and good mover (not saying hack winner here, but hack prize). This is the Northeast. I know a couple 3’3’’ green horses for sale for this budget with really nice jumps, but meh trots, one wouldn’t even get a ribbon is regional company. Demand is high because people want the same darn hunter: pretty or wow jump, beautiful or crazy mover. The other thing is that if you can pay 200 grand for a horse, you can probably pay some more.