Young draft horse trainer in New England area

So…I have a lot of horse experience. But. I have a young (2) Shire gelding at the moment. And, I have to be honest with myself. My job and family situation are unlikely to lend themselves to the time I need to break him as a really solid farm/driving horse. I do horse logging, but right now it is on the side more than not. I can’t afford the hours to simply hitch him up and work with him, while the job isn’t getting done fast. And he deserves to be well trained. But he is also a hot, hot Shire. He needs 90 plus consistent days. I need him to be a safe horse in the woods.
I’d send him to the guy that trained my other Shire (equally hot but impeccably trained)…but that guy has died…so. Does anybody know anyone near Connecticut that might suit? I love this horse. He is beyond wicked smart and flashy to boot. The idea of letting him out of my sight is difficult. But I also need to be fair to him. He needs a good foundation. I would be looking at next summer probably, he is still a gawky young boy and hasn’t lost his caps on his teeth yet, never mind the knee joints closing!

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