Young horse board/training

It seems pretty difficult to find places readily available in MD/DE/PA that advertise young horse care (weaned foals - 3). Are there any farms that will simply handle young horses out on field board? Nothing fancy… Im picturing some open fields and age appropriate pasture mates with quality feed and some basic handling.

Check the foal raisers on the American Haonverian wesite. They have all been inspected and approved by the German Verband.

Too bad you’re not in the Virginia area. That is my daughter’s speciality.

We’re in south east PA and winter weanlings and yearlings in groups separated by age at night, and then together by day in a four acre field with turnout shed. They stay in in the most inclement weather. Two and three year olds are in sex-separated fields along with older horses.

We provide training and are backing a couple currently and starting 5-6 individuals though the freejump chute. To see the farm page on facebook… Hidden Pearl Farm, click here…

What about Florida???

Will be looking for specialty young horse board for a weanling in March/April. The closer to Sarasota area the better. Feel free to PM suggestions :slight_smile:

Great leads thanks all! I am trying to stay close to home but it seems some commuting may be in order.

Hilltop does a great job but is more expensive

I can recomend Rigbie Farm also near Hilltop. I haven’t had any youngsters there (yet) but have sent horses for rehab and saw their youngsters and how they handle their horses. I would trust them as well.

If you end up looking further afield we are in North Western North Carolina. In addition to our breeding program we board mares/foals and do foal training up to time to get them under saddle. PM for details if you would like.


I second Hilltop. I visited there and took the tour. The fields are very large, the babies all looked great (and there’s enough of them so they grow up in small groups), and all the babies came up to the fence to interact with people.

Breeding and Training Young Horses in MD

I am a breeder of GOV Oldenburgs and German Riding Ponies in central Maryland (Carroll County). We are a young horse training center. We have experience weaning, ground training weanlings and youngsters for general handling and showing in hand. Our trainer is a USDF bronze medalist and specializes in starting young horses on the ground and under saddle.
We are a small farm, and only have stall board available at the moment, but our prices are reasonable. Contact me for details, references and to discuss your needs.
Vicki Carson
Flying Chesterfield Farm

It is hard to find ANYWHERE! I’ve been getting requests for years from people, and now that we are cutting back on breeding, we are starting to accept a few foals (not in your area, way out West in California). Finding large pasture with safe fencing and people who are capable of handling foals is hard anywhere!

This is exactly what we offer. Some send the mares to foal out here and some wait till the foal is weaned. Some stay for our 3 month “Weanling Kindergarten” where they are handled and exposed to many different things from clipping, bathing, the vacuum and trail walks on and off farm. We also take this time to put together marketing material for the ones that are offered for sale. Some stay till they are 3 and ready to be backed, which I do myself. Some want their youngsters to show on the line some, which we can do. We only do a handful of show for the experience so if the are looking to campaign their foal more, we work with several other farms that the line showing is more their specialty.
We are actually starting to cut back our own breedings to cater to this exact clientele. We thoroughly enjoy working with the babies and hope to have the farm focused fully in that direction by next year.
It is a fine line you have to walk with youngster, doing to much is often worse that doing not enough when it comes to handling them. It does take a special touch to do it correctly. Remember these are many of these youngster’s first experiences. It takes time and patience to do it in a way that the foal leaves a lesson feeling confident, curious and happy to do it again the next time it is asked. And all of those lessons that are taught in the first couple of years become the foundation in which all the under saddle work will be built on.
I also find our location in central NC to be ideal. Not to hot, not to cold. we have horses here to be raised from all up and down the east coast.

This is the second year in a row I have sent a weanling to Worth A Shot’s weanling kindergarten program. They offer daily care in a large field where they can zoom about in a herd with age mates. Good first experiences lay the foundation for their lives. Having only single foals for the past couple of years, I have been so fortunate to have found a place I could trust to offer the herd environment and provide that foundation for these special foals.

They have excellent videos on their youtube channel that give you a firsthand look at the effort put into each foal. From fun tarps and noodle obstacles to basic grooming, clipping, vacuuming….OH MY!

I cannot recommend their program enough. I hope to be able to send at least one foal next year as well! :smiley: