Young Horse stocking up suddenly

I thought the shoo fly leggings were super, I think it took months of use before I had an issue. Granted horse was living here with me in swampy muggy FL and I think the high humidity exacerbated the issue. That and the staff was leaving them on 24/7 for a bit there at the end. Not that I blame them, my horse’s regular groom was out sick for a prolonged period and they were short staffed. I don’t want anyone jumping on me for not appreciating the barn staff!

A virus is very concerning. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and your horse doesn’t get anymore symptoms.

Fingers crossed vet finds something nice and simple and easily treated.

Oh gosh yeah here in Colorado everybody leaves them on 24/7!! Although I personally make sure to check them everyday or have the trainer do it. But yeah it’s so dry here that kind of thing is a bit less of a problem.

It sounds like whatever virus is kind of running around through this area is mild and not anything too concerning. Hopefully my vet has some ideas though And that it’s nothing horrible!

He’s really not horribly stocked up I just thought it was a little alarming given his young age. :confused:

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I hear you!

My horse coughs once and I’m all a flutter lol.

Hoping for a positive vet update.

Well, no fever. Vet said lots of horses our presenting with diarrhea around here. She said who knows could be a small virus or could be something with the hay. She said could even be like a seasonal allergy.

She did suggest some sand clear based on gut sounds. And we are changing up his diet. He’s been a little tricky for me as I’m not used to having an easier keeper weight-wise so I think I kind of messed that part up. We’re starting with a ration balancer for now.

She’s not happy with my farrier. Which is new to me, he’s only done him once. Old farrier retired .She thinks she’s got way too much heel and is border line clubby (from trim, we have x-rays from March)

She thought stifle wise that he looked great which is good. But we’re still really figuring out this foot stuff. She doesn’t really have any recommendations of who to use right now which is frustrating. There is one farrier r I used years ago who did a good job but he is honestly a huge jerk refuses to work with any vets and is never on time.

I got another recommendation from someone else but it’s a natural balance farrier which my ver is not fond of that technique. And I met the guy and he was very arrogant and really not by type personality wise so I can’t say that would work.

Ugh, horses!! My horse will be fine but still have stuff to figure out I guess. Gah.

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Got pics of the feet? Any of them before this current farrier?

This does not apply to your horse, but young horses with straight hocks often start stock up when starting harder work.

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Not at the moment. I’ll try and get some.

One thing that I did think was odd when the new guy came last, was he mentioned that my horse said too long of a toe. This is ultra surprising to me because it was my understanding that he barely had a foot at all! The farrier that had trimmed him before said there was barely anything to take off at all…

That’s with everything in horses every single horse professional has a very different opinion!!

I have seen way too many farriers say “there’s nothing to take off” when they are saying that in relation to vertical wall height, but they either can’t see that there is too much horizontal length, or that there is false sole concealing the real wall height above live sole.


I’m not sure but my vet seem to think my horse now looked almost clubby…

I may have told you this already, but I agree with your vet on that NB farrier.

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It’s a different NB farrier but yes she’s not a fan of them as a whole. And I’m personally not a fan of that one, he’s a hot head I met years ago. Bizarre experience lol.

Amen to that.

Great news about the stifle.

Was the vet thinking the trim was causing the stocking up?

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Unfortunately no. No real answers for the stocking up but that wasn’t too unexpected.

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Legs were normal today!


Legs continue to be normal so who knows what the heck that was about. I have been noticing though that he does walk a bit clunky with his front feet so maybe my vet is absolutely correct that he’s got too much heel? More so with the right than the left. I also noticed when we were walking down a hill there’s quite the flick to the right front. Like exaggerated heel first landing. I’m going to try and get some good pictures today.
Farrier comes next week hopefully he will be willing to take some suggestions from my vet…

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