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young horse with alot of kick

hi i have a 5yo finnhorse that ive trained myself. in clinics and trainings shes an absolute saint and does complicated stuff and even the beginning of passage. but yesterday in the warm up for our dressage test (at our home barns comp) she felt quite buzzy but i didnt think anything as young horses are like that sometimes. but then she began to take of, bolt, kick and just be really hot and fresh. we took the rest of the warm up pretty calmly as i didnt want to make her super hot and completely unmanagable. but then when we came into the areena she was fine but when i tried to lift a canter i instead got a rodeo. the rest of the test she was pretty nervous etc. shes never done it before but may it be that we havent competed since march (due to a injury) or that its getting colder, or that she just hasnt gotten the rutines. of course i understand that for horses warmups etc. can be very intimidating im just confused as shes never done this before…

got any tips for the future and for warm ups overall?
(sorry my english im not a native speaker)

Check for pain and discomfort first. Unexpected behaviour is the way the horse tries to tell you they have a problem

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You are describing just about every horse i’ve ever loved riding! I like turning them out and free longeing to see what i’m dealing with this day. (not running around in a tight circle on a little longe line…i turn them into a ring free…i want to see THEM, like what’s up with them this morning) Just for a few minutes before grooming and tacking up. Also, a bit of a runaround might get all those bucks out. If she is in-season and i see her peeing and winking then i also know i’ll need to deal with that too.