Your favorite helmet cam?

As title says – time to buy one. I’ve seen some reasonably priced (~$180-200) ones on the market, but also seen some great footage from a Gopro Hero HD… Trying to decide if it’s worth the extra money, or if there is another cam out there that comes close in quality.

Weight isn’t a huge factor for me, but I’d like something relatively sturdy/idiot proof.

I’d be using it for recording XC runs, obviously, but also would like it for hunter paces, beach rides, and, if code allows, possibly a hunt or two…

Cambox is by far my favorite. It sits nicely under your brim so you can’t see it, it’s super lightweight, small, and it won’t interfere with your helmet making contact with the ground (if it comes to that). I really don’t like the ones that mount to the top or side of the helmet, though, not just because of how they look but also for the safety factor.


Which is it that you have – and do you have any videos (PM is fine) from it? I am particular about video quality.

I had an isi2 to start with, years ago, then upgraded to an isi3, and now just got the v4 Pro (which I haven’t done any xc videos with yet). I can’t remember which of my previous helmet cam vids were from which model, but they have a lot of videos on their social and youtube, and all the video specs on their site.

Thank you. I just checked their website. I’m not sold on the video quality but do like the safer helmet mount option. Will have to mull it over.

I really like the video quality of my gopro hero, plus it has a recording and editing app that I find easy to use.

The quality is hard to beat, plus I’ve been able to use my gopro for non-riding/non-helmet wearing activities like snorkeling

I also have a cambox ( i am technically challenged- meaning anything that is a lot of work I won’t do) and I love the cambox.

Easy to use, lightweight and the quality of video is very good! It goes right under visor and you don’t notice it at all, And I can upload the videos easily as well to my computer.

I don’t have any videos online- again would require a lot of website / uploading stuff- and I mainly do the videos for myself/ training.

A major concern of mine for a GoPro ( which my MIL bought for me and I returned before the cambox) was placement on helmet and balance in regards to adding it to my helmet. Also, you get an eye view from the cambox perspective of everything you see during your ride.