Your reaction, your thoughts

I was thinking the title of this thread could be “WTF ???” but decided it is probably not appropriate – or fair.

I have followed Endurance a little bit, at a distance, attended a ride or two as volunteer/spectator, and at this point just find the discipline interesting and a lot to learn from.

I know just enough to know that many U.S. endurance riders have cut off the FEI and international sport for good reasons, so are probably not following the story in the link.

Given the horrors I have read about the way the sport is practiced in certain parts of the world, I wondered if there is anything to learn from this story other than “WTF is wrong with that court ???” If it’s just that, you don’t have to waste your precious time responding (time you could spend with a horse :slight_smile: ). That part I get already.

Thank you.

I just hate this so much. It is utterly repulsive

For me endurance riding is 100% the AERC motto- To Finish is to Win, and to finish, my horse has to still be able to go happily and soundly down the trail. If I think at any point in time, there is something NQR with my horse- I have no issue pulling them and have done so before. There should be no ego involved. This is how every endurance person I personally know rides. It is a big part of why I love endurance so much- it’s all about the horse, the trail, your partnership and challenging yourself. What the FEI allows just spits in the face of what endurance should be


What a sad injustice for that brave horse. FEI is not comparable with the endurance I see here in the US. WTF indeed!

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