Zara Tindall Gives Birth on Bathroom Floor

LOL, sounds like something an eventer would do! Good for her, sounds like all is well:

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That’s how my husband was born. Delivered on bathroom floor by his dad, who fortunately was a firefighter so had some training. They went to hospital by ambulance where he wasn’t allowed to go into nursery because he had ‘outside’ germs.

Congrats to Zara and family. That will be a great story to tell!

Which he was not allowed in the nursery? The freshly born baby or the firefighter husband?

The baby! Sorry I should’ve written that more clearly. This was back in late 80s when it was more typical of newborns to spend their hospital time in nursery rather than room with parents. My husband wasn’t allowed to because he was considered contaminated :joy:

Actually, I’m one of eight and the last four were born at home. That was back in the 60s when there was a push to go to more natural deliveries. My mom delivered my two older brothers the traditional way (knock mom out with drugs and pull the baby out), then she decided to try delivering me drug-free. She popped me out with no problem and went home that day. My dad saved the hospital bill for me: $43 total. Can you believe that? That was 1960.

By the fifth kid her doctor encouraged her to try for a home birth, and that’s how the last four came into this world. Oddly enough, my two sisters and I all had complications and high-risk pregnancies. I would not be here, nor my son, if I was not in the hospital when the cord prolapsed before they could get me into delivery. Interesting stuff, this baby birthin’ :slight_smile:


My Uncle was born in the car, on the way to the hospital! He was the last of 10 children. Gramma yelled at her husband to pull over, come around and help. He did, they wrapped baby in his shirt, got to the ER door. Grampa ran in yelling there is a woman outside having a baby!! Then passed out on the floor. The folks ran right by Gramma in the car, then came back towards the door. She asked if they were looking for someone? The told her a man said someone was having a baby. She replied that she had ALREADY had the baby, but she would like to go into the hospital. So they put her on the gurney and took her in past Grampa who was still on the floor. He had a terrible headache after, cut his face. Uncle had the two streets at the corner where he was born, on his birth certifecate!!

Then there is my DIL, expert on everything. She wanted a home birth but there were no midwives in her area. She decided to go 80 miles to the closest hospital with Midwives. 2nd baby, waited a long time before heading out after labor started. Son not available so her Mother was taking her, plus first child age 2 “because he should be at his brother’s birth.” They got 40 miles from home but contractions were coming fast! Not going to make it to the chosen hospital! Her mother made an executive decision, turned right, heading into a midway hospital. Called 911, telling them they were stopping in the Muffler Man parking lot!! Baby was coming fast, older child is screaming his head off, Mother runs around to passenger side to help, lots of confusion with clothing still on, making a tangle in small car!! Lucky the first cop arrived then with another cop and ambulance a minute later. They got DIL out and baby attended to, hauled them off to the hospital despite her protests they did not need to go to the hospital with baby delivered already! Her Mother said YES you ARE both going to hospital to be checked over!!

Things turned out well, no problems, so they released her and baby the next morning. Just lucky, so much could have gone wrong and so fast too. Not sure what they put on his birth certificate!

Glad everything was safely over by the time I heard about the birth!!


OMG! This thread is hilarious! Thank you COTH forums, make my day!!!

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I was the third child, born at home. My father was vet and he just grunted that giving birth was perfectly natural, nothing to fuss about, and went off to a meeting for the evening. The midwife said “Good, we don’t want men hanging around” and got on with it. I’m not certain what my mother thought. On thinking about it, she never told me.

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I couldn’t have delivered at home if I had wanted to. I had preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome with both babies. Never even got to experience Braxton-Hicks contractions. I delivered by emergency c-section at 33 and 26 weeks.

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The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, had her first public engagement after the birth of her new grandson yesterday. It was a visit to a municipal waste recycling centre. Thus runs the glamourous life the British royal family.

My SIL delivers incredibly fast, apparently.

She had her first on their front lawn when they were headed to the car to go to the hospital. I don’t know what is on my niece’s birth certificate. The second one was basically in the elevator in the hospital. Her third one, since they knew she doesn’t labor long, was actually in a delivery room. She had the disadvantage of living in a different state every time she delivered so a new OB each time. They had a bit of a hard time convincing the last OB that she really delivered that quickly, but finally got the point across. They headed to the hospital at the very first sign of any sort of labor, and the staff was like “you don’t really need to be here yet”. 45 minutes later she’s holding a baby.

My sister, on the other hand had to have a emergency c-section after 36 hours of real labor. She’s due in about 4 weeks with her second, so we’ll see what happens with this labor. Her OB has already scheduled her for a c-section, but has agreed to let her at least start laboring if she goes into labor before her scheduled date. The women in the family all think her OB is likely humoring her and it is going to end up being a c-section regardless. She, like me, has really small hips, with a small bone structure, and her son had a large head. She was never going to be able to pass that head through her cervix, ever.

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“I literally was like ‘Yep, snip, snip, snip.’ I’ve got a boy. I’m out,” the 42-year-old dad of three joked of now wanting a vasectomy.

:roll_eyes: “Finally got a boy…” He sounds like a great husband.

Not that anyone asked, but. Zara Phillips doesn’t look like either of her parents. Can anyone see a resemblance to either Princess Anne or Mark Phillips?

In person, there is a definite resemblance between Zara and her mum, particularly when they smile.

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My SIL sounds like your sister. Ended up having to have a c-section with the first, then ended up with some infections and adhesions. She likely could have avoided some of those issues by agreeing to the surgery when the OB first suggested it, instead of her and the midwife insisting they keep trying for another 8hours :roll_eyes:
She’s scheduled to have a c-section for her second sometime in April. Her and the midwife have been arguing with the OB about the date. She’s a bit of a pill.
Hopefully your sister is a little more agreeable.

We’ll see. Today should be pretty telling as she has her 36 week ultrasound. The size and position should really be more clear after that appointment.

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I have a friend who is a rancher. She was at home, alone with the two yo little boy, while her husband was out. The midwife was on her way. Baby started to come fast and she delivered all by herself on towels she laid out on the bathroom floor. By herself! Such a badass!