Zenyatta loses foal (again)

Is 16 old for a broodmare? Should they maybe let her stop? (I genuinely don’t know; I just love her.)

Glad she is ok, so sorry about the foal.


I don’t think it’s uncommon for a mare who has been successfully bred previously to have a foal at age 16, even 17 or 18.

That said, every mare is an individual. It sounds like for whatever reason, it might be time to end Zenyatta’s breeding career.


The age is only one component. The integrity and tone of her reproductive system is the important component here. If she is capable of getting in foal, carrying it to term and remaining healthy is the question. God bless her - such a great mare!


I think Queen Z has lost 4 foals now.

I have no idea how that compares in the grand scheme of mares and foals.

Of her 7 pregnancies, she’s only aborted 2 including this one. She successfully delivered a filly last year. Since I’m sure she gets the best possible care, it’s probably just bad luck.


2 of the foals she’s lost were carried to term and had what were described as uncomplicated deliveries. Her 2014 War Front filly was euthanized after an injury in the paddock. The 2016 War Front colt died from complications related to meconium aspiration. The other two were what sounds like spontaneous losses in utero? To me, it seems like there’s just been some rotten luck involved.

I’m sure gets top notch vet care and they’ll give her a full workup before deciding if she’s fit to breed for a 2022 foal.


I wouldn’t fault them if they decided to not breed her again, if for no other reason than that she just hasn’t produced anything that could outrun a fat man wearing swim fins. It’s no poor reflection on her accomplishments.


Bad luck.

I don’t know any details of Zenyatta’s reproductive health, but 16 is not too old for a seasoned broodmare. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped trying sooner rather than later because she certainly doesn’t owe her connections anything.

There are a number of best in class race mares who are unsuccessful as broodmares, either due to reproductive problems or just never reproducing their own speed (or any speed). Go through the list of Eclipse Award winning females and you can practically count on your fingers the winners they produced.

Random fact, Genuine Risk was 16 and 19 years of age when she produced her only two live foals after numerous abortions.


Not every mare is Urban Sea or Miesque…or Toussaud.

Zenyatta’s half sister Balance, a damn good racehorse, hasn’t produced a runner yet either.

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