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Zenyatta’s Final Foal

Zenyatta safely delivered her eighth and last foal last night, a filly by War Front. Looks like she may have caught her people by surprise and delivered in the pasture. Here’s hoping for a happy, healthy, much deserved retirement for Queen Z!


Well, she has mom’s ears. She’s a cutie.


She looks like a little Zenyatta mini me!

Hard to believe Zenyatta is 19.


She looks lovely!

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Foal’s blaze is almost a carbon copy of Mom’s. I hope Zenyatta enjoys an easy retirement…no more kids to look after :grin:.



I always thought she should be bred to Blame, and the foal of course would be named Blame Zenyatta!


Not Blame Mike? :rofl:


I’d be curious to know how Jerry and Ann Moss came to the decision to send her back to War Front. She lost both her previous War Front foals (2014 filly as a weanling due to a paddock accident, and 2016 colt after meconium aspiration).

Do they have a personal connection to him as a sire or maybe they were just trying that cross one more time given the tragic situation with the two previous foals?

So glad her people are taking such care of her. Not very successful as a broodmare, but she gave us such joy in her racing. She has done enough. Happy retirement, Z!

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Just my guess, but neither of the previous situations was in any way a fault of that particular genetic cross, just of pure bad luck. So I’d assume they were still trying to get a War Front foal, as they really hadn’t had one that worked yet.

Zenyatta always looks like the most contented mother. Love the filly’s blaze and ears!


They probably just like War Front and/or liked the foals that resulted from the cross.

Both losses were just bad luck, as @dressagetraks. I would have done the same thing.


I love that they have kept her accessible. There are a lot of wonderful people in racing, but there aren’t too many who have continually allowed the same level of public access to their horses as Zenyatta’s connections have. They have kept everyone in the loop. They have allowed the occasional meet and greet. Really, kudos to her people because what they have done is not easy.


@Amy3996 Thanks for sharing this grand news ~ enjoy your complete retirement Z ~


So happy to see and she does look like a mini me!

They (including the War Front folks) must have really wanted this one-just think how late the breeding date must have been to have a June foal.


Time flies doesn’t it? Lovely filly.

I’m very glad to have been around when Zenyatta raced, such fun and excitement to watch her run, always wondering if she could come from so far behind, again!

Good times. :blush:


To maybe explain my sobbing and to honor Zenyatta, here is the nation’s Poet Laureate Ada Limón’s poem inspired by the mare, “How to Triumph Like a Girl.”

There’s an audio version on the same page.
<sniff, dab>


Agree. Hope she lives a long and contented life going forward.

I think Something Royal was 18 when she foaled Secretariat.

Her record as a racer? 1-0-0-0 and earned $0.

I am always happy to add to the TB bloodlines horses like Zenyatta. Its never been an exact science and never will be.


Just a side but they plan to have them foal outside if the conditions are right, it’s definitely safer for all involved. I doubt there was a single second she didn’t have eyes on her.