Zonik has Died

Very sad. https://eurodressage.com/2021/07/17/zonik-died-unexpectedly

Article about general anesthesia and horses;https://thehorse.com/188779/equine-anesthesia-deaths-remain-high-risk-factors-identified/#:~:text=Horses%20undergoing%20general%20anesthesia%20die,deaths%20per%20100%20anesthetized%20horses


It sounds like the surgery was not for a life threatening issue but was done to get him sound again. Unfortunately it was one of those times when he did not come out of anesthesia well. Very sad and I am sure shocking for his people.


So terribly sad.

How horrifyingly sad. Sometimes anesthesia recovery just doesn’t go well.

RIP Zonik.

What a horrific experience for everyone involved. I had a chance to see him in person several years ago and he was really an incredible horse.

Oh my gosh his recovery box injury sounds absolutely horrific. My condolences to his owners and connections, he was a beautiful horse.