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2 Przewalski Horses turn up at auctions

this one was an owner surrender in Utah purchased at an auction as a mule


and this one in a kill pen in Kansas


apparently some went missing from quarantine and these are believed to be them

I betcha there are some people who frequent Macon Mo who know the actual story…


huh, I am confused as to how any wound up out side of Zoos in the US


They went missing from a quarantine facility during transfer is the story which is surfacing


That’s shocking. Smh.

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I can find nothing on how/when they went missing. It was obviously very hush hush. Seems weird. Bet there are some zoos as well who know what went down. The “tea” as the younguns prefer to say!


Most likely an inside job. No?


It’s so weird someone would import them only to dump them.

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that is what I think but who knows?
it seems pretty guarded as to what is said. But there is that underbelly of the zoo trade in which many animals go to private sales


I have been following this on TikTok. There is a stud and a mare at separate locations.

I believe the mare is at a rescue while the other was purchased. They thought they were buying a “brown mule” that is what he was listed as on the auction site.

On TT the owner said she was going to turn him out with other horses. And he can’t be touched so not sure why someone would turn out a stallion with no way of catching him if there is a problem. I am assuming she is using stud as a term for young male or just male in general and he is gelded ???. but again, I am assuming.

Lazy B Equine Rescue and Santuary has the mare: (they are calling the mare Fiona)

Here is the stud, now known as Shrek : https://www.tiktok.com/@kinsey_huckabay


Re; bold,

With so few specimens left in the world, let’s hope he’s not gelded.


Last I saw both the stallion and the mare were both going to be picked up by proper channels.
ETA as a plan

I think they both may have went through the same auction.

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The mare at Lazy B was owner surrendered according to their FB and TT accounts. The stallion was purchased out of a kill pen.

Lazy B posted a few days ago and she sent off samples for DNA testing. As far as I can see, they still have her. (last post was 2 days ago).

As of 10 hours ago, the stallion is still with his new owner.

@gailbyrd I do hope he is intact, but why turn him out if you can’t catch him. That was my point. I thought maybe she was using the word “stud” loosly to mean male horse in general.


The Lazy B mare was also purchased at an auction as a mule per the owner who surrendered her. That is somewhere in one of the posts by Lazy B. Or maybe it was on a post by them on one of the posts by the stallion. It was made by Lazy B themselves.

It looks like the owner of the stallion has said she will keep him if possible.

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There is still some shenanigans somewhere in this whole saga.

The timeline and details is hard to figure out for sure.

And people are posting that there are private citizens who own and even breed them.
Wouldn’t surprise me at all.


Maybe she was trying to research legalities first? Somewhere in her posts she mentions that she only posted him because the mare was posted.

Yea, I noticed that the stallion had already been DNA tested so she has had him for a few weeks already.

The people that have the mare just submitted a DNA sample so they are a few weeks behind.

I hope they both continue to share what they find out about these two and what course of action they take. I know the stallion owner said she would give him up if asked.

and 100% there are some shenanigans going on. I read that there were 4 (3 mares and a stallion) not accounted for and rumor was the mares are no longer alive. It would be interesting to see if these are two of the missing four.




Well I hope if people are truly keeping Przewalski Horses they are doing it correctly with the right permits and such, because if they aren’t they are in violation of federal law.


Hence why when we went to the sale in Macon and husband was wearing khakis and a collared shirt people were skedaddling covering cages and removing themselves from being anywhere near us.
Strangely enough it got even weirder when a client of mine recognized me and they all started speaking to us.
Suffice it to say we have not been back.
The hoofstock sells on a separate day and those people are much saner. Well as sane as us horse folks anyway.


The stallion now has his own Instagram account, @shrek_the_przewalski

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Of course he does.
I’m expecting a GoFundMe any day now…