2021 Breeder’s Cup Weekend

Looks like it’s shaping up to be an exciting weekend of racing.

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And I got TVG back just in time! :partying_face: :partying_face:

regarding the BC Classic - It should be quite an interesting race - good talent, reasonable size field. I admit to being torn re Medina Spirit - I think he is a good horse and a win would cement that, but on the other hand I would like to NOT see Baffert in the winners circle. So I guess I’ll be cheering for Essential Quality or HR Charlie.



Pizza Bianca won the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf.
California Angel never was a factor in the race.

Here we go with the next chapter in the Baffert circus. He is now the trainer of the early Derby favorite but is allegedly banned from racing in KY for two years. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.


I thought most of my emotion for the evening would be about Baffert winning.

But oh my goodness that gate incident in the Juvenile Turf was terrifying. I hope there’s some followup on the starter who was injured.


Modern Games wins after all the gate drama.
Hopefully both the #2 horse & the assistant starter are ok.

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Albahr scrambling under the gate was absolutely terrifying. They just said he only has superficial cuts. I am sure they will check him over more carefully.

Hope the assistant starter is OK.

What a cool dude Modern Games is–walked right into the gate the second time, ran great.


What a circus, starting with the elaborate hooding measures to get Albahr into the gate. If he is able to race again I wonder if they will be able to fix his gate issues.

The assistant starter looked like he was really hurting. I hope he’s okay.

Albahr looked fine trotting around and walking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with a broken pelvis.

After all that, wow Modern Games. What a classy young horse.


What a disaster that betting/racing error was. To have the winner excluded from the wagering. American racing at it’s most uncouth, for the world to see (again.)

I was concerned about the #3 horse–Albahr looked like his hooves were flailing around the #3 horse’s legs. However, it doesn’t seem that there was any harm done, which seems like a miracle.

Such a total cluster f***

I’m noodling this in my head. So he gets no Derby points for this win. Then in theory he would get no points for early 2022 races. And in theory he then wouldn’t get into the Derby. Seems to me that owners would have to abandon Baffert if they want Corniche to have a shot?

I hadn’t thought that they might withhold the points. If that is the case then I guess they have no choice but to move the horse.

Gamine 3rd. :grimacing:

I wish Jerry Bailey would just shut up about Baffert and implying how unfairly he has been treated… he went on and on about it yesterday and will likely keep at it today as well.

Does anyone with connections know how the assistant starter is recovering?

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I’m watching the Breeder’s Cup website so I don’t have to hear it. :grinning:

Makes Baffert look bad to have the filly beaten for the only time this year, when under such scrutiny.


If Modern Games hit his head on the starting gate when he reared, which the article indicated he did, he should have been scratched. IMO. Horses get concussions, too.