2021 Talent Search Finals - East

Flat phase will be underway shortly! USEF Network has the stream.

Gymnastics Phase: Saturday (10/9) at 11:30AM EST

Jumper Phase: Sunday (10/10) at 9:00AM

Ride-off: Sunday at 1:00pm


I watched a little bit today. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t ask for no-stirrups at any point. Some of the flying changes and turns on the haunches were less than quality for the level, but otherwise, everyone looked very good.

I thought the turn on haunches left a lot to be desired as well. I only caught the changes in a couple of sections but the ones I did see looked decent.

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I can’t recall which one, but there was one section that had a lot of riders not get the change the first time they asked, I think tracking right.

Flat Groups: https://files.usef.org/assets/uKlIdFg4qTs/2021-ts-east-flat-groups.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1WTGp9HJX33911KOMkuyksg_g6BapQM4hCz103A83oi0SWHN_zCpSjmUk
Scores: https://files.usef.org/assets/BUikorhSUbk/2021-talent-search-scoringphase-i-results.pdf


I’m surprised to see Zayna Rizvi so low in the standings - she was top four here last year. Did anyone catch what happened in her flat?

When I looked at the groups to see if there seemed to be lower scores mostly in one group (the one that had a bunch of poor changes), hers was the one. I don’t know the riders well enough to know if she was one of the ones who had trouble, but possibly she did.

Tough break for Amira Kettenah. Looks like she and Gossip SA are both back on their feet and being tended to.

Is there a course posted anywhere?

I’m looking but I don’t see one.

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Quite Cassini sounds familiar. Who else used to ride him?

Jordan Allen rode him.

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Thank you!

I could watch Finnick go around all day. He’s such a seasoned pro at these finals and has such a beautiful expression.

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Is the Gymnastics section in reverse order of the flat, or draw?

Reverse order.

So I caught a few rounds, but did not see a course description. My question is: where were the gymnastics? I saw a bending line, a rollback, and two in-and-outs with 4 strides between. And a line that was 5 short strides to 5 long strides. But no cavaletti, trotting fences, bounces, etc.

I thought this was maybe a softer course than in years past. There was quite an uproar from the riders and trainers the last time trot poles were included in a USET Finals course IIRC, so they may have elected not to include them this year.

I’ll be interested to see how tomorrow’s course looks.

I actually thought this course was softer than the West Coast finals course from a few weeks ago, which featured a trot-in gymnastic and IMO more adjustability exercises.


Finally found a course map from today - screenshot from Beacon Hill’s Instagram so apologies for the quality. Armchair quarterbacking here, but this looks remarkably simple for a major finals course. The serpentine/bending combo and one tight rollback turn are all things riders at this level should be comfortable doing.