2022 Kentucky Three Day Event

I don’t see a thread. Is anyone going? I’m not, but that’s because I am retiring on May 6, then going on a trip to England. But I’ll be there in 2023!


I’ll be the smart ass to volunteer and say I think I was there that year. :rofl:


What can I say??? LOL… I’m old!!! Fixed the title…

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I’m going for the first time, and can’t wait!!! I was SUPPOSED to go for the first time in 2020, and then… Well we all know.

So yeah, it’s been a long time coming!


our family is not going, but most of our barn is to cheer on our trainer! those left behind in PA will watch the livestream together :slight_smile: We went to KY for AEC’s in 2021 so very happy we got to see the venue at least, we had a total blast there too!


I’m going! Third time (2015, 2018) and I’m taking a friend for her first trip. Looking forward to it.


It is odd that “Rolex” is the only 5* named not after it’s location but after it’s (former) sponsor.


I’m going and cannot wait! I have my shopping list already and am going to do my best to actually stick to it. LOL

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Same here!!

So excited to get to go this year. Also my birthday is the week after, so planning on buying myself all the birthday presents in the trade fair. hahahahaha


Very much FUN to see it anew through the eyes of a first timer!! Please share the stories after!

My story - after getting waved into the further back fields of the parking when bringing a mother/teen daughter first timers - and they suffered my bitching about it. 1/2 way through the day the mother turned to me and apologized!! (must have been for her thoughts of me) THEN she understood!!

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I think technically it’s the Kentucky Three Day Event but us old timers still call it Rolex.


I’m not going, but one of my sponsors, Stable Feed owned by Mary Hartman will be a vendor! This is her first year at Kentucky, but sponsored a jump at Maryland and now sponsors many eventing riders! (We brought her over to the dark side, but she owns/rides dressage on her German Riding Pony, Monty. ) If you have any equine nutrition questions she is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. They just released their new feed, which has been through years of testing, after focusing on their chia-based supplements.

Anyways, I’m so proud/grateful for her investment in the sport.

*May be able to get my discount CCR5 which is 20% off the first purchase, but Claire sent you :slight_smile:


Unless you’re super old and call it Kentucky.


I will be there on Saturday for the first time. Sadly my barn buddy from back west is missing it by a week. So I’m taking a local barn buddy who has only ever been to 1 days. It’s going to be eye opening to her! I’m excited!

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Sadly not going this year. Usually, I’m there every year except 2020 and 2021, so sad to miss it. Great number of riders to see and watch!

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Congratulations on your retirement and your trip to England. I hope you have a blast!!!

I will not be going, but thank you for starting this thread. Yet another year work gets in the way of my ambitions to just ride my horse and watch other people ride their horse all the time :laughing:

Anyone got any favorite picks this year??

I’ll be there! I had gone every year since 2012 up until 2020-21 broke my streak and I can’t wait to be back! I don’t feel like Spring has begun until I get my Kentucky trip in.

We should really support the sponsors Landrover, any chance we get. Without them, there is no Kentucky.

Rolex was gone long ago, time to move on. Not being grumpy about it or anything…just really want to keep the sponsors happy who give to our sport!


Nobody is not supporting Land Rover. I don’t own one, but I also don’t own a Rolex.

I first went in 1991 when it was a 3 star and also an Advanced Horse Trials. I don’t remember dressage that year, but we wandered onto the xc course early Saturday morning, just as the fog was lifting and Christine Scarlett jumped Oxford Don over a huge table. We stood there with our mouths open.

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To put it in other words…it would be nice if we could use the name Landrover, to give the sponsors a nod. That’s all.