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2023 Breeders Cup

Due to college football the Classic will not come as the last Breeders’ Cup race on the card for the first time in 40 years.

Mage is out

More BC info

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Well, that just sucks.

sad for Mage :frowning: . Love that guy.

I watched Ushba Tesoro work yesterday. I have to say of all the Japanese horses racing on American soil in recent years in our championship races; I have to say this one looks the most exciting. I am not sure he will best our dirt horses this week but I was impressed by his work. Very professional and charismatic. He looked like he belonged out there

Paddington is out, retired to stand at Coolmore.

Yet another reason to hate football. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve got Peacock so won’t miss the last two races. But I really do wish that TVG/Fanduel would put in a competitive bid for the Breeders’ Cup broadcasts as their coverage is far superior. No endless parades of celebrities for one thing, but more importantly, they have people who actually know one end of a horse from the other. They do need to move into the 21st century and offer hi-def, though. I’m no snob about picture quality, but sometimes theirs is just embarrassing. I suppose the people who are watching just to see how their betting interests fare aren’t so picky.


Arcangelo pulled a hind shoe over the weekend and only jogged on the track. If you’ve seen him jogging with the pony; he is noticeably off on his hind leg (yesterdays jog). Interested to see how he does today.


He still looks foot sore this morning

Practical Move collapsed on the track this morning

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Oh my, what a shock, and heartbreak. I am not sure my nerves will allow me to watch live this year–and I love horse racing. . Praying all get back to the barn safely on breeder cup day.


Arcangelo is scratched

Same, ever since the horrific Saratoga breakdowns this summer I have had such a hard time watching and enjoying live racing. I didn’t realize how much seeing Maple Leaf Mel and then New York Thunder break down impacted me but it truly did.

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King of Steel is just an absolute beast.

I agree. Seeing those two breakdowns on tv just broke my heart. I have loved horse racing all my life but after that, I am not so sure I want to watch the Breeder’s Cup this year. I just hate what is happening in horse racing.


Looks like he’s heading to the breeding shed :roll_eyes:

So now Arcangelo is scratched, which sounds like the right thing to do.

With two breakdowns on the track I am not sure I would not be looking for an out anyway but I am chicken-little and believe if anything can go wrong it will…with my luck…just bad vibes this year.

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But of course. Silly of me - any of us - to waste time hoping for a 4yo campaign.

I have no problem with the scratch, to be clear. I’m always on Team Horse’s Safety.


I watch the replays when I know the horses all came home safely. I can’t watch live anymore.

I’m at that point with the Eventing Cross Country phase as well.


TVG has an interview with Jena. You can hear her starting to tear up at the end. She does right by the horses, I hope she gets another good one for next year.

I too am glad they did right by scratching but wish they’d figured out the problem, gave him some time off and brought him back next year