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2023 Maryland 5* at Fair Hill

Are we talking about the 2023 Fair Hill 5* yet? I just bought my tickets for this October and am looking forward to another great weekend.


I bought my tickets the day they went on sale, already looking forward to it :star_struck: we went to the old Fair Hill 3*/4* almost every year and have been to the new MD 5* since it started. We have so much fun every time, nothing like being at Fair Hill in the fall :heart_eyes:


Hope to have a couple of horses competing there :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Ironically after 13 years as a pro groom, I’ve still never been to the venue. Looking forward to hopefully attending!


We are vending there again this year so hopefully will see you all when you stop by. It has definitely been fun meeting COTHers. I did bid on a tailgate spot for a fundraiser thinking there was no way I would get it but so far looks like I am in the lead so I may have to play hooky on Saturday.



I’m not missing it!

Definitely will do at least Friday-Saturday, hopefully Thursday-Sunday.

My three year old son is very interested in attending. He talks about “the Maryland Five Star” all the time and is always thrilled whenever we drive by on the way to his grandmother’s. Trying to figure out how I’m going to swing this because while I would love to share the experience with him, three year olds aren’t fun shadows at horse events. :rofl:

I might take him for a little dressage and the jumping at the YEH championships.


I really hope to meet you finally! If I do win the tailgate auction you are welcome to spend the day there


I heard from a pretty reliable source that the timber field may have some new jumps making in another hot/must watch area. I loved there was that bar area near the start/finish. That’s where I plopped down and waited for my group to make it back down from the Sawmill area.


Hoping to get there this year. It’s a hike from NC, but if I can fly up and have a friend get me from the airport, I’m definitely going!

I bought a beautiful convertible halter from your daughter last year. It gets so many compliments!

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That’s great! She took my advice and made it even better now in my opinion, take a look and let me know what you think.

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WELL I just might be going to this for the first time this year. It’s been a minute since I’ve been to a 5 star. I hate to throw out a general question… but… is this like Kentucky? Do I need to book like… NOW? Sounds like a ton o’ fun. Who is doing course walks? Who should I sign up with? All of my 5 star idols are… old. lol Thanks for the deets.

Assuming by book now you are talking about hotels? If so there really aren’t that many if any hotels really close to Fair Hill but there are hotels all over the place that are within 30 minutes or so, I wouldn’t think you would have trouble finding one somewhere.

I don’t think they’ve announced any of the coursewalks yet.

Last year @AllTheCarrots and I went on a great one with Kyle Carter and Sharon White sponsored by Ride iQ. I think there was at least one other public course walk.

I’ve never been to KY for the 5* (why didn’t I go when I lived not that far away?). But from what I’ve understood, it’s not quite up to KY level of fans yet. So I think you have plenty of flexibility with booking, uh, anything. Hotels, tickets, whatever. I hope I’m not misleading you.

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Well the good news is I didn’t win the tailgate fundraiser so I don’t have to figure out what to do with 10 tickets and they made more money for Jane Sleeper than if I had won.


I got my tailgating spot, good one next to the roller coaster jump. Came with 10 tickets this year instead of 8.

I live roughly 30 min away in Chester County PA so it’s an easy enough drive. Have friends flying in from out of town to go as well.


AS said above there’s not a lot in the vicinity, and it’s not attended like Kentucky is. BUT it is a load of fun, the course is lovely.

This is good info. I didn’t realize that Tailgating came with a mess o’ tickets. I was seriously considering this option because I want to do a course walk. The site says it’s with “a world famous duo” so I’m guessing… the O’Connors?

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Actually I was referring to venue tickets. But we are going to book a place to stay within the next couple days + buy venue tickets. I’m just a little unclear on all the ticket options.

Where do you see the information about the course walk? I didn’t know they did this! I would love to do a course walk if it’s offered. I couldn’t find where it was on the website so I could get more information about it.

The Mars Maryland Five Star at Fair Hill Facebook page is where I see most of the relevant information posted about course walks and signings and the like