4 truths and a lie!

OK, Horse version of 2 truths and a lie.

List 5 horse breeds. 4 that you have ridden and 1 that is a lie. See if anybody can suss out the lie.

Paso Fino

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Paso Fino
Missouri Fox Trotter

Ok, here’s my list

Dutch Warmblood
Highland Pony

Jackie_Cochran: Arabian
Alterration: Dartmoor

Norwegian Fjord
Palomino Stallion

Selle Francais
Tennessee walker
Fell pony

I’ll play! My guesses for you guys:

@aregard - saddlebred?

@Jackie_Cochran- Morgan?

@Alterration- Dartmoor? (Just because I don’t know what this is!!)

@SuzieQNutter- Hanoverian?

@LilRanger- Tennessee walker?

Also my 5

Shetland-TB cross

Standardbred- APHA cross

Appaloosa- TB cross

Appendix QH- Belgian cross

Missouri Fox Trotter- Belgian cross


My Vinnie Girl, Golden Vienna, was a Hanovarian mare by Contact. I bought her rising 13 yo. She had obtained over 50% in a medium dressage test and was trained to half steps. She had points for Novice level.

When I found her she was thrown out with the brood mares. She did not get pregnant and she had hundreds of holes all over her face from scratching off lumps from itch. I did not even know she was broken in.

She was brought up for me to put into work to sell and I loved her so much that on the 3rd day I said I would buy her and I hadn’t even gotten on her yet.

She taught me more in 12 months than training and winning on my own horses for the best part of 20 years. She came home with me when I lost the use of my right arm and was a paddock companion to Pepper for 11 years.

She was the perfect horse for me. I even put complete beginners on her.

I was given a 45 minute lecture by my bully supervisor that I had bought her to suck up to my boss. I would never be able to ride her. I would never be able to do Upper level movements on her. I would never be able to compete on her.

I was told that she was bought by the A grade show jumping husband for the school. She had then put on such a bucking display and got him off and my boss said she would never go in the school.

I was told my boss was the one who rode her when Tinker was lame, she used to come to a rearing halt in the middle of the arena and throw the reins at whoever was nearest and say take this horse away I can’t ride it.

I jokingly said I should take her when an agister said her horse was lame for the Dressage competition the next day. She said she would take me. My boss was in cooee and said I could have the day off.

I realised I had never done a test on her. Eeeeeep. I rode her, (terrible) and then washed her.

The next day, when I backed her off the float and took her rug off, every.single.solitary.hair had turned 90 degrees and she had a long coat. Every one else looked immaculate on clipped and well looked after shiny horses.

I died. I would have packed up and gone home but the agister had brought me.

I’ll warmed up. I put on a Pelham for control. For the test I swapped to a snaffle. In through A and she completely relaxed and I had to change my riding to not preparing but just asking as she responded immediately.

She won trophies and blue ribbons and we received enough points to go to the State Championships.

I miss her so so so much.


Shetland Tb cross. I can’t imagine the mating. LOL!


Teddy O’Connor was a Shetland/TB cross IIRC


@SuzieQNutter Fjord.
@aregard Akhal teke
@Jackie_Cochran Paso
@Alterration Dartmoor
@LilRanger Mongolian
@Equkelly MFT Belgian x



My lie is Selle Francis! Hee hee!

Here are my guesses:
@aregard: Saddlebred
@Jackie_Cochran: Paso fino
@Alliteration: Appaloosa
@SuzieQNutter: Fjord
@Equkelly: MFT/Belgian cross
@Old_Mac_Donald: Lippizan

@SuzieQNutter Fjord?
@aregard Akhal teke? If that’s true, it would be cool. They are supposed to be hot blooded and difficult.
@Jackie_Cochran Arabian?
@Alterration Dartmoor?
@LilRanger You rode a Mongolian? Is it a fun story?
@Equkelly Appaloosa Thoroughbred?
@Old_Mac_Donald Standardbred?


Paso Fino

Sadly no, this one was real.


Nope sadly this one was real too!

I’m guessing your was a Lippazan ?

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Nope again. When I was a trail ride guide there was a Norwejian Fjord in the herd. Every day I asked if I could ride him and every day I was told no. One day the answer was yes and that was it. From that day on Tristan was my trail ride guide.

One day at a Hunter Trial I took Pepper and work was supposed to be bringing me my Company horse Aztec and a 16.3hh TB called Sam.

Sam had lost a shoe so they brought Tris.

Again I died!! He was too small for me to be seem.in proper public. He had never jumped.

Steeple chase with 3 x 44 gallon drums lying lying down 3 times across the track. I let him go. When he saw the barrels he tried to stop but couldn’t before reaching the barrels and managed to scramble over.

I asked to dismount in the box before cross country, as I could just imagine everyone laughing at me for my size riding a pony.

In the cross country I held him back and we took the long version on everything to keep jumping to a minimum. He went clear and as a reward I let him go after the last jump. He came through the flags and down across the oval in front of the crowd in a very controlled hand gallop.

It is the only time I ever saw it in my ponyclub career and I received a standing ovation. I was shocked. Was it the breed? Had someone told the crowd he had never jumped before and he had gone clear. I should have asked someone why they stood to clap.

The manager used to cut his mane to a long mohawk with the black in the centre standing up and the buckskin colour on the outside half the length.


Was the father the shetland?

My lie was the Missouri Fox Trotter.

I ADORE Arabians, I have been so fortunate to own several, and I “broke” two of them to saddle (with absolutely no difficulties.)

If I am ever crazy enough to buy a horse again it will be ta-da–an ARABIAN.

Luckily for me my riding teacher has had many Arabians over the years. I’ve ridden 4 or 5 Arabians at her stable. I am FORTUNATE to find a hunt seat instructor who shares my absolute love of Arabians.


You don’t want to know the answer to that… :flushed:

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