A quest for tights

I’ve dug through many of the past threads on tights, but unfortunately, I’m still looking. I ordered some Nobles, bases on these past threads, but Dover just canceled my order since they are out of stock. I’ve ordered a pair of Iriedons, but they won’t ship until April.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • tights - the more they feel like comfy yoga pants, the better. I adore FITS breeches but looking for something for more low key rides.
  • full seat
  • belt loops.

I’m pretty flexible on cost at this point-I don’t want to spend an insane amount, but I plan to wear these often and want to enjoy them.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

I have a couple pairs of the Free Ride Equestrian lux breeches. They’re like traditional breeches but made of riding tights material, super comfortable. They also came out with hybrid breeches which are the same except they don’t have a zipper & snaps to fasten them, just pull on riding tights with belt loops.


I use Kerrits Ice Fil tights for my endurance rides. They check all your boxes.


Check out Stickyseat. They are made in the US and I’ve been impressed with the fit and quality for < $100.

Their summerweight will be the most yoga pant like and they have other models/fabric as well.


2nd any of the free ride tights, I love them. If you live somewhere where it gets cold their winter tights are great, warm but not bulky. Not enough for truly artic weather but perfect for when it is a bit chilly.


Thank you! That looks exactly like what I am looking for!

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I have several pairs of these, because they have pockets! They are just like yoga pants. They are dirt cheap. I would not wear them for lessons.


I have two pairs of these for lessons when it’s hot. They are more supportive and fancy but super cheap still. I think there are several small retailers that use the same manufacturer with a different logo but these are the best price point.


@enjoytheride thank you! Those are cheap!

I just bought a pair of these and I’m really impressed, especially for the price. I got the blue color that was on sale for $40 something. I’ve only worn them once but I like them quite a bit.

Yes, and I wore my grey ones to a clinic and had tons of compliments especially after I told them the price.

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Freeride Equestrian and Maya Delorez are the two that I find feel the most like yoga pants, including the proper waistband.

Esprit Equestrian had some that I liked but their Pro models are too low rise for me.

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I’m weirdly picky about tights. I’ve had Ariat, Irideon, Kerrits, Tuffrider, For Horses, Free Ride, Esprit… and probably others that I’ve long since forgotten. The only ones I’ve kept have been the Free Ride and the Esprit. The rest just didn’t cut it for various reasons. The Ariat never fit me right and the fabric wasn’t my favorite, the Irideon were just meh in every regard, I hated the waistband on the Kerrits, the For Horses were SUPER comfy but not even remotely flattering, and I thought the Tuffrider were terrible quality. Full transparency - I used to work in a tack shop and have done a ton of breech and tight reviews for my blog so I’m basically trained to be overly critical at this point. :joy:

The Free Ride probably have the closest to “nice yoga pant” material IMO. Super stretchy, super comfy, lightweight, good pockets. They are a higher rise and the full seat is very mildly grippy. Downsides are they’re maybe not quite as flattering as some others, and there’s definitely no structure to them if you desire anything like that (I like A LITTLE at least, but your opinion may vary). To me these are the pants you live in during the summer - cool and comfy.

The Esprit (I only have the PRO model, not the regular, so my comments are based on those) have more of a proper breech look to them, with all the detailing and the faux pockets. The fabric is silky and smooth like leggings, but put a belt on and you def would never guess they were tights. I also like the inner liner, it makes them more flattering and gives a little bit of support. The rise is more of a lower mid IMO, and the silicone seat is a little more grippy but not tremendously sticky (I would not wear them if they were, I don’t like posting out of my pants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). These are the ones I would buy if I wanted super comfy pants that were still very appropriate for lessons or whatever else.

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Definitely recommend the free ride breeches.


@MsRidiculous, thank you for this super helpful post!

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For the BEST in custom tights that wear like iron: http://www.saddlebums.com/

You get exactly what you want, in exactly your custom-fitted size and color. Not cheap but… they last and last and last. They keep your sizes on file, so if you need/want a new pair, they’ll have 'em out to you in short order.

Plus, you’re keeping a small business in business :wink:


I wouldn’t mind keeping a small business in business but I notice they have the same problem as tropical rider, which is their rise appears to be very high with a narrow waistband, which is flattering on nobody unless you are rail thin.

If they would consider doing a more modern wider waistband I’d consider using them, but narrow waistband tights hiked to my boobs is just not the look.


That’s the beauty of their owners. They’ll pretty much do what you want. I’m a fluffier rider (long torso too) and specifically asked for a higher rise and got just that. Can’t hurt to ask!

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@soloudinhere - Unfortunately that was my experience with Saddlebums as well. I felt like the waistband was actually less comfortable than the Tropical Riders and returned them after trying them on. They are excellent quality and I’ve seen multiple positive reviews but they did not work for me.

It’s not a higher rise, it’s the style of the waistband - I sew and to change it they would need to completely redo their pattern block.

It would make them much more modern, however.

Love my full seat leggings from Leveza.ca and also the ones from Sync Equestrian. My friends rave about the Maya Delorez ones too, but their sizing isn’t big enough for me, so I can’t make a personal recommendation.

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