A quest for tights

Thank you for the recommendations!

I wasn’t a big fan of the Botori myself. The knee patch placement is weird (like too far toward the back, it puts the seam in a weird place) and they slid down/sagged on me a lot despite being pretty snug. A lot of people love them, and they’re very comfortable for wearing around, but I did not like them much for riding.

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@GreyDes - I’m on the Stickyseat website, they look great! - but there is no description of the seat material. Is it silicone? How sticky is it? TIA! :slightly_smiling_face:

The seat material is silicone and I would call it medium sticky. You won’t be glued in, and there’s a noticeable “stick factor”.

Be aware that the knee patch is ultrasuede. I prefer silicone, so I wasn’t wild about it in the photos but it’s actually quite comfortable to ride in.

Hmm, interesting about the knee patch – why would it not also be silicone, or have the silicone extend down to the inside of the calf (which is more standard?)

Would you say it’s as sticky as FITS, or less?

You answered my question and I have yet more questions for you, sorry – LOL!

@Dr_Doolittle - I had the exact same question/thought!

Which FITS? I would say less sticky than their deerskin. I’ve only had one of their silicone models, I bought the winter ones when they first came out and thought they were slippery as all get out! I haven’t tried any of the more recent offerings.

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Okay, thanks!

I have a pair of FITS (not the segmented deerskin patches, but they are full seat breeches and not tights) that have pretty much no grip at all - they have little silicone “dots “?, they were pricey as well – very disappointing :disappointed:

My deerskin FITS are what I wear for showing - I love the grip, particularly for jumping and especially cross country. I wish they made tights that actually had some stick to them!


Nice timing! I’ve worked with FreeRide Equestrian for a few months as well as EquestrianClub Shop which make great riding tights.

I’m actually collaborating with FreeRide (& Lumiere, this great Australian-based tack brand) for this Instagram competition. On Thursday, 03/10 starting at 3PM Central. We three (FR, Lumiere, and myself @clairecumbee) will launch a competition. They’ve asked you “like” our three accounts and the video (on one of our pages) and a winner will be chosen for a $500 credit, $250 to each vendor.A winner will be announced Saturday

Nothing is posted yet, I was supposed to film a video today to announce, but cannot put my face on a camera today after a pretty bad diagnosis from my vet this morning. If Instagram isn’t your thing, FreeRide did send me a coupon code, “claire” for 10% off. (For transparency, I do make a commission when someone uses my code)

OK, riding tights experts, I have a question. I have been riding in Kerrits winter tights for the first time this winter, and I love them because they are warm and comfortable and a good fit. They’re great for flatwork.

But as soon as I go into a two-point or do any jumping, or anything faster than a slow canter, they start to move, a lot, not just a little, between my legs and the saddle, not ideal in any way. They don’t have knee patches, just the silicone (which I’m also trying for the first time and am also not that impressed with).

Does this happen to anyone else? I do have fairly skinny legs so it could be that they’re just a little too big, but based on this experience I am really doubting trying summer tights instead of breeches.

I tried the Kerrits silicone last summer after spending the winter in their full seat, non-silicone winter breeches (which I loved). I was really disappointed in the summer tights, and specifically the silicone. They were super comfortable, but the silicone stopped working after like one ride.

I’ll post an update on the other tight suggestions shortly!

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I have been doing the Ariat EOS full seat silicon tights. I need a lot of grip. They are not as grippy as the Kerrits Griptek but have good grip by my standards which are high. Eos Full Seat Tight | Ariat

Thanks for everyone who responded! I’ve done two hacks in my FreeRide Tights and really like them. I was also intrigued by the Maya Delorez and ordered some of their compression breeches. They are BEAUTIFUL, but not as comfy as my FreeRides - and that’s ultimately what I wanted, something a little more comfortable than my FITS (which I love) for hack days.

I’ve got a pair of the Ruspari tights on pre-order and will report back!

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So, I was getting ready for a lesson this afternoon, and cringing at wearing my lovely grey breeches during mud season. The brown Maya Delorez were sitting there, waiting to be returned. On a whim, I decided to bite the bullet and wear them.

And I LOVED them. Comfortable (just not super soft like the FreeRides), very sticky, and looked great. I’m looking forward to riding in them again tomorrow. So, I have to recommend these as well.

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Damn you! And they have gray! The Zola is the ones you are talking about?

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I love the cheapo tights I have found on Amazon! They are like yoga pants but have knee patches. I believe some are full seat.

I am not a huge fan of silicone. I find that my pants stick to my saddle, but then I move too much in the pants!

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Mine are the Noele - full seat compression breeches. And yes, so many nice colors.

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That’s why for cross country I do Kerrits griptek as the material isn’t stretchy so really tacky seat plus non-stretchy material means less sliding.

Oh jeez, those are some pricey tights!! They’re so pretty though!

Question: are any of the breeches/tights mentioned not compression?

I prefer a little room in my breeches/tights - if they are too tight on my thighs and hips, I can’t “settle myself down around the horse” as easily and feel like I’m a sausage in a casing.

I’m 5’3” and about 118#, when I was younger I had thicker thighs, but as I age I get more stringy! I’m 65 :wink: I’ve tried going up a size to get a little more room in the legs, but the waistband winds up being too big and the pants won’t stay up.

Specific suggestions would be much appreciated, TIA!

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Hmm… I guess this depends on exactly what that means to you. The kerrits ice fill tights I wouldn’t consider compression tights as the material has a lot of stretch and is light, but they are certainly not sweat pants. My irideon tights and especially my rackers wear tights are a much heavier material, so those I would consider compression (the rackers especially I can tell when I ate too much for dinner the night before).