A quest for tights

I have the Free Ride Lux breeches (with a front zip and fake rear pockets) and I definitely do not consider them compression. They lay next to the skin but they are not holding anything in - they’re like a super lightweight yoga pant/legging material. They do stay up on me without a belt and I find if I wear them a few days without washing them they loosen up a fair amount in the leg, too. I’m very petite and square shaped/hipless and I wear the XXS, when I’m usually a XS in everything. I could swing the XS but I’d definitely need a belt to keep them on.


Yes, the FreeRides are not compression tights. Maya Delorez has a specific compression breech style, and then other breeches and tights that are NOT marketed as compression tights - but I cannot vouch for how those compare, since I only have the one pair. So far.

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Yes, they aren’t cheap. For anyone who is wondering, I think they are definitely nice enough for shows/clinics/lessons whatever (and they’re available in a lot of colors, including white). They’ll go into my regular rotation (brown works well in mud season!); I don’t anticipate any problems with them holding up but will report back if I have any. I also wore them to the office after riding yesterday morning, so I’m going to take the money out of my “professional wear” budget. :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

They are different from the FreeRides, which might be better suited for more casual riding (not that they don’t look perfectly nice - the material is just less structured).

How did you find the sizing for the Free Rides? Pretty close to the size chart?

Yes, the size chart worked for me. Not sure how others feel, but I thought the sizing was straightforward.



I am really not a tights person but I did end up getting a pair of Noel Asmar’s tights and finally rode in them today. They were SO comfortable, I did two long hacks and two dressage rides in them and I was really impressed. They are definitely sticky but they didn’t do that annoying thing where the seat sticks and the tight material moves. They are a nice, thick fabric and fit true to size.

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Thanks, folks - very helpful! :wink:

The Ariat EOS are not very compression to me.

How’s the sizing align with Maya Delorez? I can’t tell if these run small or what.

I’ve found the Maya Delorez to be true to size/similar in size to the FreeRides. I got the same size in both, and both fit well.

The compression breeches feel snugger (not a surprise) but my normal size still fits well.

Gracias! I have lots of freerides so this helps.

If anyone has an “in” at freeride and wants to suggest they’d have a lot of takers for a cream and a pale gray with the new dressage rules…


Tropical Riders Enduracool Full Seat or Knee Deer skin.

Look for a sale.

I just bought some Black Heart Equestrian hybrid Caras and I LOVE them! Insanely comfy like yoga pants and have the belt loops I desperately wanted. High waisted, full seat silicone and very opaque. I’m seriously considering changing out all my old breeches/tights for some in multiple colours lol.

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I ordered a pair of derby house winter tights from ride away at the beginning of winter and have been living in them basically since I got them. Super comfy, super grippy, I’m hooked. I’ll be ordering some summer pairs now to school in.

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how is the sizing on these? I haven’t ordered even though I like the colors because returning to the UK would be a pain.

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It was warm enough for my Espirit Equestrian tights and I got compliments on them once again!

They have competition pairs that have extra compression.

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I have the grey in the Espirit brand. I still think several of the tight makers use the same OEM factory and just alter the logo and silicone pattern.


I ride in size 28 breeches from almost every brand I’ve tried and I found the mediums in the BHE to be very comfy. I’ve had their regular tights (Flex I think they’re called?) and the hybrid breeches in medium and I really like them. Perhaps a smidge on the “loose” side around the waist? Although loose is too strong a word… I was able to wear them without a belt recently without any issues.

That being said, I have been tempted to try a size down and see how that fit feels. They are insanely stretchy.

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Yes, they do. I know which manufacturer makes a lot of them. However, finding someone who has a true light gray is harder.

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