Allegations of abuse made against prominent trainer (SS suspends)

I haven’t seen anything about a suspension or investigation, I hope an investigation is coming.

Does she name the trainer? The video is so short but I think my settings make it hard to see her first sentences. I watched it three times.

Not named in this video. I have heard that there may be a fuller version tomorrow (Wednesday). Meanwhile if you’re curious there are ways to figure it out. The name of the trainer has come up here.

Edited to add - Or just check out today’s posts in the Rich Fellers thread.



She trained with Jeff Campf when she was 16

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It’s coming down the pipeline per reputable sources…about time.

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I commented on the RF thread, but I will state again on this one, I REALLY hope that community reaction in the wake of this is more supportive this time.


me too. I posted the IG on my story and had 5-6 people comment positively, but being Im in Oregon I would have hoped for more…


I can understand people being hesitant right now. There is no SafeSport or legal action against him yet, and I believe he and his better half have quite a litigious history. It will take some time for the situation to develop…

In the meantime, hugs to all the victims working through their own feelings right now.


Rumors around the PNW for years was that he paid her to stay quiet when she was still a minor. Full video is up on the Horse Network’s FB page.

These kinds of NDAs have been a standard practice for years in the wake of abuse situations, to avoid the expense and risk of extended civil litigation. If she did receive a settlement years ago… good. At least that’s some minor measure of accountability. I just hope the rumored NDA doesn’t result in people leveling legal threats her way now that she has contributed to the We Ride Together project.

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I cannot imagine a court would uphold an NDA in Oregon re sex a abuse of a minor. The contract would be voidable by the minor once she turns 18 and, my best guess as an Oregon lawyer, although not a family law or criminal lawyer, is void as against public policy.


What a surprise! I’m sure everyone thought the older working student that Jeff had an “abuse of power” relationship with before he started abusing the junior was the one who would report him, as she didn’t take the offered payment or sign an NDA. Kendall is the girl next door, the average (well, not in riding skill obviously, she’s amazing) working student that so many young women will relate to. What will be the next step, it’s odd that she did this before Jeff was suspended?

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It does make one wonder why there isn’t action from SafeSport as of yet…

And what about Shelley? She’s mandated to abide by SafeSport code and report anything she knows… correct?

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Maybe it’s like the Rich Fellers case, the police or the FBI could be involved and when that happens, I think a Safesport case gets put on hold?

Would that include the nannies as well as the working students?

Per rumors more to come on that other victim…


As far as police or FBI involvement… in the RF case, that meant SafeSport handing down a temporary ban for the safety of the sport community, while the criminal case plays out. If RF is convicted criminally, then I believe it is a pretty straightforward lifetime ban decision on SafeSport’s part, based on the criminal conviction.

I did notice the video does not directly name the perpetrator although it is very easy to find on this forum or using show results, who it is. I wonder if that was done because there is something coming down the pipeline either with Safesports or elsewhere. Just a theory.

With regards to the wife, yes. If a mandated report was aware and did not report, that would be a violation.


I always wonder about the lawyers involved in arranging NDAs like this. Just an awful way to collect billable hours… :cry:


I believe there is an active investigation