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American Invitational

Free live stream of the American Invitational on www.stadiumjumping.com starts at 4:30pm EST with the $25,000 Hollow Creek Farm Show Jumping Hall of Fame Junior/Amateur Classic. The ‘Time Allowed’ Pre Game Show will begin at 6:30pm with hosts Kenny Kraus and Jimmy Torano. Special guests include Rodrigo Pessoa, McLain Ward, Margie Engle and Debbie Stephens. Opening ceremonies begin at 7:00pm and first horse goes on course at 8:00pm EST sharp.

Thank you.

Woohoo! A nice way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

Between the big stadium, what looks like a good breeze and a combination set near the shadow of the tent, this looks like it could be a spooky class. The grass looks beautifully manicured, though aren’t football fields sloped?

The side bar is annoying and the stream is more like a trickle. Hopefully the replay later tonight will fix these issues.

Definitely some kinks to work out. Not much time to do it in. The sound seems ok in between rounds but as soon as they begin to jump, the motion detector is busted for sure.

Thank you Mary :slight_smile:

Mine is just buffering for the past 10 minutes?

They are working to fix the issues as quickly as possible, please hang in there.

Is it just my internet, or is the feed really lagging?

I hope they fix it soon. I just opened it and it’s practically unwatchable.

fingers crossed but mine seems to be working ok.

Mine’s working well now! Quality is good too. Knock on wood :wink:

What a cool venue!

Mine is not working :frowning: I’m going to be sad if I can’t watch this tonight.

Ok I take it back it’s working now!!

Is there an order of go anywhere? :smiley:

Yes it is now working much better! yay!


Order of Go!


Order of Go![/QUOTE]


Aaaaand nevermind. :frowning: Maybe it’s just my internet

Not working for me. I get about a frame every 30 seconds.

Ya it’s really bad for me too… Ugh, I really wanted to watch this tonight but it’s a little painful to watch!