And the New Grown Up Horsie Book Recommendations Are???

I’ve got a few…

Someone a few weeks ago recommended Princess Anne’s “Riding Through My Life.” She takes a very laid back look at her equestrian career and it’s really great. Lots of happy, some sad, lots of success and a bit of defeat.

Just started showjumper Harvey Smith’s autobiography last night, which is brilliant. And Pat Smythe’s “Flanagan My Friend” is a scream. I thought my horse was totally nuts, but I think now that he must be related, in some cosmic way, because some of the traits are in both of them.

Found them all on Bookfinder and Bibliofind, plus Abe Books.

All the recommendations in the past year have cost me a fortune - but I thank everyone for them, because I’ve enjoyed everyone’s suggestions and my library has grown to bursting.

So - more, please!!!

Try “So Far, So Good.” It’s brilliant! And simply amazing the way those laid-back eventers make it sound like a a hack.

I read house rules… well part of it. It is THE MOST DISTURBING book I have ever tried to read

Gregor Amalia

Fox hunting based tale. In VA, so I am putting BB’ers in the place of many of the characters and getting a vision of “the East”.

Entertaining book, nothing heavy, but horsey, too.

I’ll back you up. I really enjoy Jody Jaffe’s books too. I wish she was still writing them.

was flawed for me by two inconsistencies. especially in a mystery, if something changes from one chapter to the next it OUGHT to be a clue, not sloppy writing.

Guess I’m Lucky, by Woody Stephens(?),
famous racehorse trainer. It’s his
autobiography, and it’s a very engrossing
tale of a real horseman’s start at the
bottom of the ladder and his rise to the

Riders by Jilly Cooper- just the best book in the world (and nice and thick too!). All about showjumpers and sex- what more could you want?!

“An Apple A Day: A Heartwarming Collection of True Horse Stories” from Half Halt Press.

Great for all ages, from pre-teens to adults.

Inverness, I ENVY you having all those Dick Francis books ahead of you! After you read them, check them out of the library as books on tape and listen to them in traffic on your way to see Billy!

You will get to enjoy them all over again.

I hope you all get a chance to read Jane Smiley’s Horse Heaven. Wonderful reading.

I looooved Ian Millar’s biography called “Riding High-Ian Millar’s World Of Show Jumping” It’s partly instructional, mostly the story of his life. Lawrence Scanlan was the ghostwriter for it.

Anyone got any good strategies besides word of mouth and serendipity for finding grownup horsie fiction? It seems “subject” style searches are only good for juvenile books, and so the books we seek are just hidden in romance, sf/fantasy, mystery, or general fiction. My only method is to check out every book in the bookstore with a horse somewhere on the cover.

Yup yup, love “Riders”.

also , “Canadian Entry” by Christilot Boylen–her story of going to Germany as teenager and learning to REALLY ride dressage, working with great teachers, growing up…

Kim, it’s a brilliant book! I ordered it as soon as I read about it a few months ago.

R.S. Surtees books on hunting in old England!!!

What was the inconsistancy? I recently read the book and had a “ummm?” feeling about it but couldn’t put my finger on it.

I am about 50 pages into a horse type mystery: “No Good Deed” by Lynn Hightower - it is pretty good so far - missing horse, missing teen, blood on the ground, a boot left behind, trainer with a finger cut off…


Oh, good, so does this mean you’ll all buy MY book when it’s done?

Of course, that means I’ll have to stop posting so much here so that I can finish writing the rough draft of the darn thing!

Jane Smiley also wrote Barn Blind, about a woman obsessed with her horses over her family…wonder where she got her inspiration? Anyway, not a light read or a particularly happy story, but well done as are all her books .

Why isn’t Jody Jaffe writing anymore? I have all her books and I’m waiting for another.