Announcement of Helmet Study Result Release Date

Hi Everybody,

I talked to Dr. Miller today and we have finally got a date for the results from the first round of the study. They have said the results will be released sometime in the first full week of December. (12/5 - 12/9)

Do bear in mind, the testing will continue in perpetuity. So more helmets will come in and be tested and the results will continue to be posted.

So sit tight. We will have results very soon.



When they are posted I hope there will br follow on discuss with folks who understand data

They’ve posted how they’re going to test with pics and videos as part of their explanation webinar.

For my part we’re planning a live webinar to discuss the results with Dr. Miller and other team members. That will be announced and linked in the coming weeks.

I know it’s a lot to digest but we’ve shared a lot of info before this point about everything to do with this study. (On my MIPS Fb page) and Reed comes in regularly to translate too.

Would it help if I post existing relevant links here to catch folks up?



i dont think it can be repeated enough.

Is the webinar is going to be available so those who could not make it live can review.

links to prior discussions or pages are good as a form of “bibliography”

Ok. I have Rob’s funeral tomorrow but am off the rest of the day. I’ll try to capture things and include it here.

We’ve had one webinar with Barry before from the lab at VT. This is why I created the group. To keep all MIPS info going forward and keeping everyone apprised of all developments.



Ok relevant links from the Helmet Study inception to this point.

12/3/2020 - Full funding reached and start of Study was green lighted.

  1. First Webinar 1/6/22 with Dr. Miller from his lab:
  1. Post August 2022 Symposium recap Video from the VT team:

These are a good place to start for anyone looking to catch up.



Interested in seeing this. I was looking at a MIPS helmet but was then told the only helmets with safe ratings are SNELL of which there are only 6 rated for eventing which is a ridiculously small pool to pick a helmet from and I ended up sticking with my old helmet instead.

Ok so this is a really slanted view of what Snell does/is and what is safest for eventing.

Also… there are not 6 SNELL rated helmets for eventing. But could you back up and state a bit more in depth what you were told and by whom. (A tack shop employee, a brand rep, who? )


Thank you for sharing this information. I was just about to buy a new mips helmet, but I’m thinking I should wait until the results are published?

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Yep! I was given this link which I was told are the 6 that are SNELL rated for XC.

And this link which shows that helmets are rated differently for different types of riding with some helmets being “safer” for more dangerous riding.

It was a FB friend. I understand that MIPS isn’t a rating but is a safety feature and was looking at a MIPS helmet with a ASTM rating.

Just so I put this out in the open…

Here’s the link to the 6 current SNELL helmets.

Of these, only the 2 Charles Owen and the 1 Champion are currently sold in the USA.

I shared the PDF from BETA before, but only as an interesting counter point to the way the USA does helmets and safety standards.

I would encourage waiting til the study is out. But obviously Black Friday sales are hard to ignore.

And I have heard that VT was going to maybe acquire some European helmets to test as well.


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Ummm, black Friday is my driving point :slight_smile: I’m all for safer is safer but 3 helmets available in the US is not good enough.

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So just to remind us all. SNELL is an independent testing company. NO org/sport in the US equestrian world requires a SNELL certified helmet.

I know for a fact that SOME, not all, of the Virginia tech Study are testing helmets at levels at or above where SNELL tests on certain impact/fall tests.

SNELL is a solid testing group but the reason there are not many helmets is that there are not many helmets being submitted. And this is likely due to the ASTM standard being met already, and going beyond isn’t needed.

@RAyers can speak MUCH MUCH more knowledgeably on this than I can.

But the helmet study is a solid starting point to go from. And know that the ASTM levels are still solid standards to work to keep you safe.



I believe Snell is relatively new to the Equestrian helmet testing world, which may be why on many helmets have not yet been submitted.

But Snell has been testing motorcycle helmets for decades, and there is no shortage of Snell approved motorcycle helmets on the markets. Snell approved helmets have been required for both amateur and professional motorcycle road racing for at least 50 years.


I can see that they have Equestrian Helmets from the 2016 standard as well as the new 2021 standard. And the earliest document I can find is this standard for the 2001 (not a typo) Snell standards for Equestrian helmets.

So I would not say they were new to testing Equine use helmets.


Back in the 70s, US Pony Club required Snell approved helmets and I had one - looked like a giant mushroom on my head. I could be wrong but I think they were doing tests back then.

I have also heard SNELL is the way of the future for helmet safety approvals. Looking forward to this study!

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The Snell Foundation is considered the premier independent testing organization for helmets. Some states require that horse racing use Snell approved helmets.

See Minnesota’ rules for harness racing.

Ok to clarify… none of the English riding sport disciplines require SNELL approval at this time.

SNELL is amazing for sure and they have great and high standards but so far USEF/USDF/USEA do not have them as a super ceded certification over ASTM.


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Ok, I looked at Miller’s presentation

And I don’s see any documentation of any “prior art” of what VTU/Miller is proposing to do that is different/better than Snell.