Annual Christmas card exchange

Back for the annual card exchange. Figured this year we could really use it!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Send me an email at [ ( with the following information: COTH name, REAL name, complete address (international is ok), and email address where I can contact you if I have questions (if other than the email you sent me the info at)
  2. I will put everything into a spreadsheet that you can then use to print your labels (there are directions on the outside of the label package for anyone who needs help)
  3. Send me your info no later than November 25th ish, I will get the list out to everyone early December . That gives everyone about a month to get cards stuffed and sent.

A few people asked last year what to send. I have received everything from a simple card with a signature to a full page letter with multiple pictures. All were welcome. Anything about you or your horse(s) or that you want to share with everyone is acceptable!

If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, let the sign up begin!!



Count me in!!

THANK YOU for spearheading this again for this year.

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I emailed the info to you.

Thanks so much for doing this! It’s a simple way to spread some holiday happiness.

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@Polydor Is it everyone sending cards to everyone who signed up? Or everyone sends X number of cards? Or…?

Generally everyone sends everyone a card. The last few years it’s been about 17-25 people that participate.

Everything from a newsletter and card to store bought cards and everything in between.


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thank you!

Sent! Very excited! Thanks for doing this.

Thank you!

All set, thank you!!

Hooray! Already got my cards this year (and they are very cute). Thanks so much for organizing!

You’re already getting ready. :wink:

:crazy_face: I haven’t even started sharing the good ones yet!

But don’t worry - I have a planned post for the day after Thanksgiving. LOL

Thank you, I love the card exchange!! I love hearing from people about their particular year!

@Moderator_1, could you consider pinning this thread during the holiday season?

I’m in from Cincy!

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I’m in again! Just sent you an email.

Help! I’ve been down with COVID and missed this. Can I still squeak in under the wire?

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@Polydor Can you let us know when you send out the list of addresses? That way we can be sure to check our email and spam file, if necessary.

Thanks again for doing this!