Any COVID survivors here?

Day 14 now, and wondering how the transition back to riding has been for others who have had it.

If you want to say it’s a hoax or whine about masks, please go do that elsewhere. The last two weeks have been absolute hell even without being hospitalized, and I’m solidly out of patience for conspiracy theories/it’s a hoax/masks are a violation of my freedom. The ony real underlying health concern was my weight. Aside from that, I’m a healthy, mid-30s active person.


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Not diagnosed but sick as a dog for 5-6 weeks beginning of the year. Walking across the driveway was daunting for lack of air, on top of starting with that high, dry cough then super flu symptoms 4 hours later that would increase then disappear practically hourly as the weeks wore on.

What were your symptoms?

I know I still feel weaker than usual. Had a tough time wheeling a wheelbarrow 3/4 full about 60 yards over not-so-rough terrain. Humbled, to say the least.


I started with waves of dizziness that progressed to what felt exactly like a run of the mill sinus infection with a headache easily on par with my usual migraines about 18 hours later. 24 hours after that, I lose taste/smell, developed the cough and sore throat. Tested immediately, and got a positive 2 days later. Exhausted and what felt like a flu that improved around day 4ish, then day 6 went to hell. That’s when I set in with the fevers/aches/chills/nausea/vomiting/diarrhea and lack of air. Hand tremors, purple toes… The rash and what looks like all over body acne set in about when that abated… Now I’m mostly fatigue and perioding coughing fits.


I’m so sorry, that sounds awful! Any idea where you picked it up from?


I am so glad you are on the mend.

We are early 70’s. In February DH swears he had it, and so do three of his co-workers. For him, it acted so much like the Walking Pneumonia he has had twice before, I made him go to the doctor. The doctor was stumped, did not give him any meds, and sent him home with the “rest and drink plenty of fluids prescription. He kept going to work and recovered but he did say whatever it was, he had never experienced that kind of sick in his life.

I have never had symptoms nor have been sick, other than my annual spring allergies. I also don’t leave the farm too much.

It is an unusual virus for sure, as there seems to a huge variation in symptoms, and that makes it really dangerous. I wish “they” could figure out why THIS person seems to avoid the virus altogether, and THAT person living the same life style and in apparent good health falls victim to the virus.

We wear our masks when we have to go somewhere, I don’t care what anyone else does, just keep a healthy distance from me:)

Having been raised on a small dairy farm, where cleanliness was paramount, I have spent my entire life covering my mouth to cough or sneeze and always washing my hands; I can’t believe how much those simple acts of good hygiene keep having to be repeated.

@MyssMyst, I,hope you have a full recovery without any residual effects:)


Thank you for sharing. I think it is good to bring more personal stories of the virus into the public: people seem to worry only about the death rate, and the quality of life side of it isn’t considered enough. Maybe if people realized that there are real risks and repercussions other than just dying, they would be more careful, and more respectful of others.

I hope you continue to improve and do return to good health with no lasing effects.


I believe my family just had it. My DH works in a hospital so we can’t really avoid it.

DD had a few days of not feeling well plus a couple of her toes looked a bit swollen. DH generally felt bad and no energy. I had the most symptoms: head aches, stomach ache and diarrhea the first week, sore throat and chest tightness the second, and just overall not feeling well and no energy. None of us officially had a fever. The highest any of us got was 99 degrees.

Very mild…but we believe we had either Covid or another similar corona virus around Thanksgiving (DH and I felt awful and he had a cough for weeks after). We’ve also been treating prophylactically with zinc, Pepcid and vitamin C since this started.


Back in March. Started on Sunday with a couple hours of general malaise, fatigue, body aches, loss of appetite. Then I stopped being able to smell or taste. Same the next day, except my eyes felt like someone was rubbing sand into them. Got worse on Tuesday. Much, much more tired. Hurt all over. Had some unusual vertigo (I’ve had bouts of vertigo since I was a child, everything about this one was just different, hard to explain). Nearly passed out actually. Started getting a small cough, but nothing major and no other respiratory symptoms. Finally gave up and decided this wasn’t just a cold and took a day to do nothing else but sleep and drink tea. Felt significantly better on Thursday compared to Tuesday. However, it took about 10 days for my energy levels to come back to normal, and then it took several weeks beyond that to get rid of that little cough.

I’ve had no lasting effects, or at least none that I can attribute to covid specifically (allergies sure have been bad this year, so…), but I’m also in the group of people statistically the least likely to be affected. Late 20s, fit, healthy, and female. Your mileage may vary.


I work in an auto dealership, so we’re pretty sure there. Three of us in the same section of the sales floor tested positive.

@walkinthewalk I thought I had it in Feb too. Totally NOT the same now that I’ve actually had it. I was shocked. This one was a, “Ok, this sucks but it’s doable” right until I thought I was over then it hit HARD.


My husband had it (tested positive). His only symptom was loss of taste and smell. It is now closing in on four months and he still can’t taste or smell. I try to remain hopeful but I am very worried his senses are gone for good. I never got it even thought we live in a very small house. We did our best to keep clear of each other but I thought for sure I would still get sick. That said, I had a super weird not a cold not the flu in the beginning of February that in retrospect might have been the virus considering my symptoms. But if it was, my husband didn’t get it from me then either so who knows.

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One of my friends had a “sinus infection” in February as did her son. She had travelled to the Carolina’s to see her kids at college. Later on she realized she had lost the sense of small and taste so she got tested for antibodies and it was positive. She did get the senses back, I hope your husband does too!


I hadn’t realized people were still saying it’s a hoax and then last weekend a distant family member was saying it. So sad for our country. And sorry to hear all of you suffering like that. Awful.


The scary thing is how different it is for those who have gotten it. Everyone’s story/ symptoms are so different.


Laugh, there are still people who think the world is flat and that the moon landing was fake.
There will always people who do not believe things.


I had it in April. Fever, chest pressure, dizziness, difficulty speaking, intense fatigue. I would say I’m about 95% better, but it’s been a long, slow road.


I’m on week 18 of variable symptoms and I have absolutely no inclination to get on a horse yet. It is like snakes and ladders, up and down, something new or a symptom returning, varies from day to day and often even hour to hour.

I’m a long haul Covid19. Each day we learn something new.


Dh got it a few weeks ago. Threw up once in am, had fever for a couple hrs, body aches. Got tested that day and got positive results 4 days later. After 1st day, he just had a cough and was really tired for about a week.
i think I got it 2 days after him. Had 1 day of muscle soreness, really tired, lost sense of taste/smell, slight cough. Only lasted 1 day except for loss of taste/smell. That lasted about 2 and a half weeks. I just took an antibody test yesterday and should get results monday. We both qt at home. I never had fever. He only had fever the 1st day for a couple of hrs.
As soon as he got symptoms we both took Vit C, Vit D, Tumeric/curcumin and Cold eez zinc lozenges. I think that helped keep it mild. He is 64 with 2 heart stents, high blood pressure and prone to bronchitis. I am 57 no underlying issues but do smoke quite a bit.


Best explanation that I have seen yet regarding the different symptoms:…U4Ko0g6PZ5r3w4


My sister is 32 and a personal trainer, so she is very fit and healthy. She is on day 10 and her fever finally broke. No taste or smell. She has trouble walking up and down 8 stairs to her laundry room. Her chest feels like ice when she breaths and it hurts badly. She has been incredibly fortunate to not need to be admitted to the hospital, as her ability to breathe has been on the line (she is in contact with her doctor daily).

Again, she is a healthy young adult and these 10 days have been really really hard. Her doctor said it will be a slow return to normal.

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