Anyone following this "little" Iowa horse?

He was simply outrun. I haven’t watched the replay. Edited to add- she pulled him up- no wonder he they ran away. She took care of her horse.

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She may have pulled him up. They vanned him off. Lame left front

The winner ran a heck of a race

Yes, he was vanned off- it sounds like he bled.

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I heard elsewhere that he bled. Hope he is OK.
I think they can run on lasix in Iowa, and I think (not sure) he might have been running on it there.
Can’t use it in BC.

Not sure where you heard that, but the track vet stated he had bled & that was the reason for being pulled up, banned off.

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I watched him- he took a lame step on the left front right after she jumped off. Maybe it was just the angle as she pulled him around.

I could check but they were out of programs when we watched him race!

Yup, he bled.

Has always run on Lasix in the past, not today.

Not great news, but could be a lot worse.


Perhaps going forward, for a horse to be elligible for BC it has to qualify in lasix-free stakes races. Honestly I thought ALL stakes were lasix free now, but perhaps that is only graded stakes…or a state-by-state decision.

There was so much handwringing, pearl clutching and tooth gnashing when BC and triple crown races went 100% lasix free. There were fear mongers saying PETA would explode when every single horse crossed the finish with blood splattered chests. But that didnt happen. This is the first public case of bleeding I’ve noticed…and FWIW it seems like this horse is dependent on the drug and maybe in the future, a Lasix-always runner shouldn’t enter the Breeders Cup.


So you’re okay with this horse being ruined? Maybe you should have kept up with the career of Mr. Buff if you want to lecture the “fearmongers.”

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Unless its held in a state where Lasix is acceptable?

Breeders’ Cup rules prohibit use of Lasix, regardless of the state rules of the host track. 2021 was the first Lasix-free Breeders’ Cup. 148 horses started and there were no obvious, publicized incidents. I’m sure there were some dirty post-race scopes here and there, but no one got pulled up and it certainly wasn’t the disaster some were predicting.


The horse isn’t ruined. He’ll have some time off and then he’ll be back (if that’s what his owners want.)

It’s kind of surprising that the connections didn’t race him once without Lasix once they knew they were coming to the BC. Lasix is prohibited in all 2yo races in KY so 2yos are routinely scoped after every work so that trainers (and owners) know where they stand before a horse is ever entered in race. You’d think someone aiming for the biggest stage would take similar precautions.


Once a horse bleeds, especially a double-nostril visible bleed, the next episode usually comes easier. They’ll be fighting this battle for a long time and it could have been so easily prevented.

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Was there time?
It would not have been smart to keep him out of the final Prairie Meadows race since there wasn’t really a race for him in the Breeders cup.

I am glad that the step I saw was not anything but a stumble.

They could have run Tyler’s Tribe without lasix in any of his previous races, including the Iowa Cradle S. that he ran in in October.

Right but were they even considering the breeders cup at that time? I don’t know maybe they were?

Apparently they’ve always run the horse on Lasix “because we can”.


That’s why I ran my horses on lasix. They all bleed eventually, makes no sense to me to give lasix after they bleed, that is shutting the gate after the cows got out