Anyone have contact info for a CWD rep?

I bought a CWD 2G from a barnmate last year and at some point before I bought it, one of the stirrup leather keepers was broken off the saddle. I spoke to a CWD rep last year and I was going to send it to her to pop one back in, but life happened and that didn’t happen. I texted her about a week ago and I didn’t hear anything back. I’m in Kansas, so no reps to speak of in my immediate area. I’m fine paying for postage in/back, I’d just like to get it fixed.


I have the same problem…will you update here if you find an answer? (I will do the same)

It’s a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless!

If there is no rep in your area I’d just contact the CWD North America main office and ask them what you should do - they helped me in the past when my local rep’s solution wasn’t a good one.

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If it is simple replacement of leather (no graphite or matching of color trim needed) any decent saddle repair shop should be able to do this. I prefer to work with our local guy who has proven his skill many times ahead of shipping saddles off to the land of lost. Locally my turn around time has been “go pickup some lunch and come back” or a handful of days instead of the 6-8 weeks needed for company repairs.


It’s a metal keeper, so it would have to go to CWD.

Ouch, that is not getting repaired locally, and will be costly.

You can search for reps by post code on the website. If the person covering Kansas doesn’t get back to you maybe try Colorado? We have a good rep here.

There is a rep for the MO/ IL area that can be found on Instagram (and maybe FB? I don’t do FB) @cwd_mo_s.il_in that can maybe help?

Thank you! I got her email from her IG page and sent her a message.

The carbon is cracked too, which would be $$ to fix. But the one rep told me she could pop a new keeper in and that this is a common issue. So I’m hoping that is truly an option.

I’ll definitely let you know what I find out.

So unfortunate news. CWD recommends replacement of the carbon fiber that is cracked. Which by itself is $950 and takes 6 to 7 weeks to arrive from France. The stirrup keeper is $80. Bringing the quote total to $1125. I assume that includes shipping but they didn’t really specify. the repair would be done at CWD in California. Replacement of the keeper only isn’t recommended since the carbon fiber is already cracked. Snapping the keeper in place could cause further damage to the carbon fiber which would increase the repair cost if that happens. So I likely will not be getting it fixed. The saddle is 11 years old and it’s unlikely I would ever come close to getting my money back out of it if I ever do sell it.

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Well, that stinks.

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Who does their repairs in California? Is it Scott? Maybe contact that person for a recommendation. There might be a different, less expensive approach.

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I don’t know if this is possible, but given the age of the saddle, and $'s involved might be worth trying a cheap fix. Put the keeper in place (I would consider a leather one, and paint to match color of metal keeper) and epoxy the broken area. Perhaps your local auto glass repair shop can use window patch to the cracked area.


Google reveals there is a Carbon Fiber repair shop in my area, as well as sheets of vinyl with Carbon Fiber print. Car wrap shops also wrap car interiors with Carbon Fiber print. Not the perfect fix you desire, but might be workable and priced attractively. No one is going to inspect close enough to notice the repair.

I spoke to Ty at the California shop. Not sure if he actually performs repairs, or if he just works up the quotes.

I will do a bit more looking into this. The missing keeper is purely an annoyance for me. If you look closely while I’m riding you notice it, but I mainly just get annoyed when I can’t tuck the tail of the stirrup leather in.

Yes! It is so annoying!

To those suggesting a temporary repair…the stirrup keeper is a metal piece that “clicks” into place (or rather is hammered into place…it’s not meant to be removable), and so you cannot affix a piece of leather or tape or fabric or anything. It’s not like a keeper coming off of a leather flap where you could thread something else through to do the job.

OP - I use a long stirrup leather on that side and tuck it under the girth billets to keep my stirrup leather out of my way. It drives me crazy otherwise!

Oh dear. At that price I’d be tempted to ask what the cost would be to just get new flaps without the carbon fiber, since they make that as an option for the 2Gs saddles now.

I know a little bit about carbon fiber repairs from the bicycle side and I’m not sure that’s really doable for this particular piece versus just replacing it with a new piece.

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