Anyone know about Danone I (DeNiro/Weltmeyer)

Edit: I meant DeNiro / Weltmeyer

Danone I is on my short list of stallions I like. Love his pedigree, and his FN ranking is 148 for dressage. He has a score of 130 for type and 142 for fundamentals. He has also gotten mares in foal with his frozen, which I really like. :slight_smile:

What kind/type of mare does he need?

Does he add length of leg?

I have followed him since the Swedish Testings at Flyinge, I really like him. From what I have been told by more than one person is he will throw bone and size/height, so to be careful not to heavy of a mare. He bred alot his first few yrs after the testing, but has seemed to fade out now.
His offspring show very good quality for dressage per the BLUP index and below avg. in the jumping scores. His dressage was index was like 145 or so at the testings. He really blew them away. They are noting on the BLUP that is is adding 3" on height (approx).
I also was told first hand by several people (non associated with each other) that the semen quality was excellent.
One odd thing is even though there are records of his offspring doing the 3 yr old tests for their diplomas, there are none listed with any L, M or S points yet.
There was one stallion prospect in Sweden, bred by Larsson named Don Amir, out of an Amiral/Barbant (SWB) mare. I was sure hoping to see him in the testings, but unless I just missed him, he has gone MIA. Sad, he has super breeding and I think that was a prefect mix. There was also one named Kanon out of a Amiral mare, but again, I have track of them with all the stuff going on in my life the last year.
Anyway, go modern and light is what I have been told if crossing to him.

bump Has anyone seen, or have an opinion on Danone II? I like them both but would like to read about what people have seen. I did read on another forum Danone I adds height.

I am not a dressage person, but we have a colt by Danone I at the barn that I just love. He is coming 2 & just super. Very leggy (he’s going to be big), absolutely beautiful, refined & a sweet boy. I haven’t seen him move, so can’t comment, but if he is an example of what Danone I produces, I can’t see how you’d be disappointed.

Danone II does not add height, the stud advise to use him on a bigger old fashioned tupe of mare as he will often bring the size down a bit, as opposed to his full brother who seems to add height.

Danone II is also a bit sharper then his full brother, who has a lovely temperament

My Rohdiamant mare is in foal to Danone I and due in the next couple of weeks (she is leased to a friend for this foal). We shall see what she produces. She’s one of my strongest producing mares, having had fantastic foals by Weltmeyer, Wolkentanz I, Don Schufro and Hotline in the past, so this will be interesting.

[QUOTE=Sacha;4762752]Danone II does not add height, the stud advise to use him on a bigger old fashioned tupe of mare as he will often bring the size down a bit, as opposed to his full brother who seems to add height.

Danone II is also a bit sharper then his full brother, who has a lovely temperament[/QUOTE]

This helps a lot! Thank you…

Does he have any stallion sons? OR SPS daughters? Just wondering what those crosses are.

I can’t wait to see this one! Danone I has been on my short list the last two years. I really like the Weltmeyer/Bolero from his SPS dam. This bred to Mary Lou’s Rohdiamant mare shoud prove to be a stunner :slight_smile:

She’s looking like she’ll foal in the next couple weeks, railmom, so not long to wait. :winkgrin:

I have a lovely four year old offspring of this stallion to a Rohdiamant mare. I think the first generation of his offspring just turns 4 years old so you probably will start hearing about the success of his offspring this year. This is also the reason why there is no offspring in the higher dressage classes of him yet.
He does have offspring though that did really well at the stallion licencings in Hannover and Oldenburg last year. Look for “Feuerspiel” on the official homepage of the “klosterhof medingen” for example. He is a premium stallion by Danone I.
Danone I does add hight and as far as I have seen, improves activity of the hindleg and a long free moving shoulder.
I think there was quite a lot of talk about him last year when his offspring did so well at the auctions and licencings. So he is far from being forgotton :wink:

Bumping this up. What’s the latest on Danone I & II?

I’m breeding two mares to his son Dante Weltino who is said to put height, long legs, upright shapely necks with good movement. Both mares are being AI’ed today. There is already one confirmed pregnancy with his frozen semen which was frozen by SBS in Germany. I’ve seen lovely foals on youtube, so I’m very excited that my chestnut mare will have a dark coated foal and my grey will have dark or grey:) I would love to use his sire as well.

Dante Weltino is out of Welt Hit II mare so is double Weltmeyer, he also has a stellar dam line with jumping and dressage winners.

Love Danone I and what he has been producing. Also full brother Der Designer sold for 1.1 million Euros at the PSI auction last winter and he is lovely too.

The Danonoe-get I’ve seen and sat on thus far have all been forward thinking, balanced horses with a lot of ability. Some have been less “modern” in type than what you are used to seeing today. The quality was very consistent though especially in the basic gaits and rideability department.
I wouldn’t expect a super jump from a dressage-bred horse but in my experience the jump tends to get way underrated in those dressage-specialist breedings simply because people won’t jump them. I mean even for the MPT’s judges tend to not look at dressage-bred horses and breeders spend way less time and effort on lose-jumping their dressage bred mares as they see the freejump section more or less as a nuissance and even many judges would prefer it the Dutch way and skip the jumping for dressage horses altogether (I don’t!)
I would therefor not put too much emphasis on a mediocre or below average jumping score in a stallion like Danone. Bear in mind also that he won’t be bred to any straight jumper mare so it can’t be entirely his fault if his kids don’t win over fences :slight_smile:

Bumping to add that I recently purchased a 2014 Danone I mare (damsire Sterntaenzer) and I am in love - she moves really well and is very quiet-minded and intelligent for a young horse.

You have a very nice mare!

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Hi all - first post :slight_smile:

sory to bump up an old post but this came up when I was researching Danone I progeny.

Does anyone have any other progeny they would like to share, or know of? I’m in aus and haven’t seen a lot of them.

The mare in the video above is totally wonderful! I hope she’s going well and you’re enjoying her. If I got half of that result with my breeding attempt I’d be blown away.

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