Anyone know much on the Stallion Mr. Blue?

I saw that the stallion Mr. Blue has one of the highest jumping indexes for KWPN but I can hardly find any information about him…

I believe that he is dead? He was an international jumper with Bert Romp, I believe and has sired international jumpers, as well.

He is deceased - last year?? He has an approved son at VDL - Zirroco Blue… out of a very interesting dam line. I am not sure if there is any Frozen for Mr. Blue or not.

I saw Mr. Blue show several times when he was owned by the Haas family (their daughter showed him) and then he when Katie M rode him. Fantastic stallion :yes:
He is deceased. There are several Mr. Blue youngsters in Middleburg - I believe they got semen from someone in France. PM me and I can give you a contact in Middleburg who I am sure knows if frozen is available.

Janko is VERY enthusiastic about Zirocco Blue and said that his foal report was outstanding.

I really like him for a young stallion - thought about him for my dutch mare.

Mr. Blues pedigree-

I have Mr. Blue semen :).

There is a very nice Mr. Blue daughter, Lady In Blue, that currently does the GP.

Quite Galoublue


I have a Mr. Blue mare as well. Quite Galoublue is Mr. Blue x Galoubet. She is very smart and willing, but can be reactive and energetic at the same time. My mare has an exceptional, powerful jump and a bit of blood to her. I like her temperament very much. Mr. Blue is deceased, but I believe his semen is still available.

Zirocco Blue by Mr. Blue is really nice. We have his frozen in stock.


I found this video of zirocco on Youtube, He looks like a pro’s ride.

I’ve heard that Mr. Blue needs a larger framed mare and Zirocco VDL seems to substantiate that claim… Do you know how tall he is, Majestic Gaits?

[QUOTE=sixpoundfarm;3639047]I found this video of zirocco on Youtube, He looks like a pro’s ride.[/QUOTE]

I thought the same thing! He looks like not a lot of fun to ride.

I don’t know - hard to know if he is fun to ride or not given that I don’t know how old he is in that video, or what his prep had been prior to that. If a baby, and just starting out, I’d much rather see that kind of kid stuff than a brain dead pour young soul, schooled to the nines at a wee age, without any vim or vigor left :lol:

Isn’t he an '04 model? :confused: Looks like a fresh and naughty 3 year old to me - and I’d probably be acting up with that incessant chirping going on. :uhoh:

Mr. Blue

You can find some information on this site:
His offspring is doing very well in Europe.

… and then there is the Mr. Blue filly our of a Carthago Z mare bred by DG Bar Ranch that just received her 1st premium during the recent keuring!!

We had a very successful 1.30 mare by Mr. Blue…heart, heart, heart…turned on a dime…great form…so we bred her to Mezcalero and have two coming 3 year olds…folks say he really passed on his jumping ability and has lots of youngsters in Europe just coming of age…time will tell how much our fillys inherited from him!:yes:

Marcus Ehning’s “Plot Blue” is by Mr Blue. I would like to use him one day!

Plot Blue is so beautiful!