Anyone want to help name a new puppy?

We are getting a new puppy! It is a male blue merle corgi. I do have a picture but he’s only about 4 weeks right now so he doesn’t have his merle in yet and he still looks like a newborn mostly.

We are wanting to go with an Irish or Scottish name and we have picked out a few for the list already, but we do not name until we get to see the puppy’s personality usually so it helps to have a decent list to go through.

On the list so far are:
Paddy (aka Paddy the Caddy lol. This one is a top of the list name at this point merely for the ability to easily make up cute nicknames lol)

We do like different names and we currently have a Tanner, Merri (her brother Pip has passed away), and Pepper(oni). I tend to like 2 syllable names for ease of calling. The kennel does not require using any portion of the parents’ names but the mom is Pixie and dad is Levi (not sure of full registered names, just that they are registered and tested). They are working dogs and this guy will have his chance to work cattle. Not sure what other information might help, so feel free to ask if there is anything that would help you out.


No names but super cute!

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Haggis! :lol:


You could also check out all of the different Scot clan surnames, some are really interesting.


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Love Argyle and Haggis! I had thought about putting Haggis on the list before, but then I got distracted and forgot. lol

His mom isn’t Pixie, it’s Jewels. Pixie was the mom to a different litter I had looked at and I just switched the names by mistake.

That picture of your sweet pup melts my heart ~ how exciting for you 🤍!!

I love Irish and Scottish names too. With various animals over the years I’ve had a Duncan, Seamus, Dougan (or Dugan - Irish), and a personal fav (although Anglo-Saxon) - Trampus.

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Balgair (it means fox)
Brice (it means speckled)

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loving Haggis and Clootie ( clootie patooty)



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Hopscotch :lol:

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Finlay, Fraser, Hamish, Mackay (Mac), Brodie, Gavin, Tavish.

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So cute!

Finnegan 🍀


They’re fun names.

Clootie Patooty! :lol:

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Although I normally do like food names, I’m going to be the killjoy who doesn’t like Haggis. Haggis = gross. That’s what pops into my head as someone who has never actually eaten it, and the same probably goes for a lot of other people.


What matters is that hoopoe either likes or dislikes the name she chooses.

Not fond of haggis, try some other Scot food names…

Toad in a Hole(nickname the pup Toad?)

Bubbles&Squeak(take your choice of nickname)

Bannock(a biscuit)

Hotch-Potch(a Scot broth)

Crowdie(cheese rolled in oats)

Definitely don’t sway towards the English Spotted Dick, might make choosing the nickname too easy on bad training days! :lol:

All said with tongue in cheek!


My former Border Collie was Bagpipe or Piper for short. Current BC is Ceildh (I think that is the correct spelling!) - pronounced “Kaylie” and means
celebration. Adorable pup!

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Close…it’s cèilidh.

Great Scot names, I especially like Bagpipe/Piper!

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Wow, you guys were busy! So many great names and yes, that is my one hold back with Haggis, the negative yuck factor. I love Dougan! It’s going on the list for sure and Clooty. I kind of like Crowdie too, going to run that one by the SO. Squeak is absolutely a name I would use, if it fit, even though it’s not 2 syllables because it would likely evolve to Squeaker or something anyway. Hammish is another I’ve been thinking of adding to the list.

For reference, I have had a Gavin and a Finnegan or I would think about using Finnegan. I really like Thistle too, but that feels like a girl name to me? I like Piper too but my friend’s dog is named Piper, same with Seamus.

I have more pics of the pupper from the weekend and even some videos that the breeder sent. It seems that my guy is a very vocal little dude and kind of a whiner, so I have like 3 videos of him sitting and howling. :open_mouth: I will try to get them from my phone over here in a bit.

Thank you so much and keep them coming please.

There’s an interesting (and somewhat sad story) associated with Piper. I had a good friend who was also a vet bring two mares to be bred to my stallions. He was going to look at some Border Collie puppies, as he had loved having a BC. So, (of course!) I immediately said I wanted to go as well. My husband came, too and we went about 30 minutes S of my farm to see the puppies.

They were in a barn and living in kennels that were dark and just dug into the earth. The puppies had never been handled and were 3 weeks, so he wasn’t planning to get one, just take a look and maybe choose. This old fart (puppy breeder) also had sheep and some Anatolian Shepherds chained up to watch over them. He didn’t want the dogs petted but they were so sweet and begging I just couldn’t resist. I’ve never understood that logic.

Anyway, he had Dr. G examine the puppies for an undershot jaw, which he had apparently experienced before (obviously inbreeding). One had an undershot jaw and this a**hole bragged he would take it behind the barn and hit her in the head with a pipe. That did it for me! I was holding the puppy and immediately got up, got in the car and locked the door. I told him “I’m taking her home. I don’t know your name and I don’t want papers and I’ll spay her, but you are NOT killing her!” Dr. G and my hubby were embarrassed - no balls! Bob tried to pay the guy who didn’t want the money, he just wanted to kill the puppy, which was NOT going to happen! He should have looked in the mirror and saw his own shortcomings and bludgeoned himself IMO!

Anyway, Dr. G. also got his puppy since he wasn’t sure he could come back and we went home. He and my hubby teased me about naming the puppy something related to the breeder’s decision to bludgeon her, so I came up with Bagpipe - Piper for short. She was an awesome dog, but never very cuddly - probably because she was never handled until 3 weeks. We adored her and got Ceilidh when she passed to honor her memory. Ceilidh was also a rescue, but not to that extent. Killing that puppy would not have resolved his problem -he needed to change his breeding practices.

Have you considered Glenfiddich? Great Scotch whiskey!


Oh my gosh, what a horrifying and touching story. Good on you!!

I had thought about Jameson or Macallan or even Guiness on the alcohol front, so Glenfiddich fits there, but it’s not exactly smoothe off the tongue. lol

I’m still trying to get my phone to upload photos here. It’s always difficult on COTH for some reason.