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Anyone willing to share cost of structure for indoor arena

Hey all -

Currently in the process of getting bids on a structure for an indoor riding arena. Working with some of the big builders in my area (NW Indiana) Morton, Cleary, FBI, MilMar. We’re looking at 160x80 with an 18ft ceiling.

Want to make sure we’re not getting taken on cost as these things are kind of like used cars and people are quoting all over the map.

If you would prefer private message is fine.

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Im also in NW, IN & used FBI, but it was in 2004.
While they did an amazing job - including the salesman accompanying me to the Govt Center to apply for permits - I’m sure my price is now waaaaay out of date.

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Built our 60x140 in 2017. Basic poll barn with 16ft rafters, 12 clear roof panels, clear panels at top on long sides. 2 12ft doors, 2 8ft doors, 2 man doors (code), breezeway to connect arena to barn, LED lights (best investment ever). Final cost came in just under 100k in northeast Ohio. Amish built the structure at a great price. The big money was in the ground prep and electric wiring.


In 2016, my barn+ indoor arena (shell only) had basically the same openings as MzCarol but with 8 windows and 10 Dutch door openings (no doors) was about $106K, 60x198x14. I bet it would be twice as much today, I was actually thinking of calling Lester and asking what the current price would be.

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in today’s world the dirt work and drainage may cost as much as the structure


Pretty flat land with good drainage so excavation and stone isn’t horrible (65k or so)

Cheapest we have gotten a quote for is about $300k for 208x80x18.

Well Morton buildings will be the most expensive to build, however they stand by their warranty. FBI should be the cheapest of the group. Have you by chance looked into menards buildings? With inflation, labor, and lumber prices it’s not going to be cheap. But 300k seems high.

Is part of the 208 going to be stalls?

my attorney had to sue them when they built a barn for him, he won basically got the barn for free

Yes 160x80 for the arena and the rest stalls and such.

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I built a 144 by 78 in 2019, with another 21’ shed row barn addition, used FBI. Given COVID price increases, 300k isn’t outside what I would expect now. My project was around 2/3 of that.


Whoa… must have been some serious issues, can you share?

see that pile of dirt my attorney said, that’s 100 cubic yards that they need to level the pad site.

Well, that could not be that much dirt, impossible. Do you have access to the haul tickets? No

So I suggest he put a stop work order in place and hire an engineer to validate the “pile of dirt” being 100 cubic yards

Turned out he was being charged for the 100 yards but only had at best guess 40 yards

The Real problem became the dirt was brought in from Oklahoma to northern Texas which took the case into Federal Court as an interstate commerce case

edited to add, they settled out of court before the trial … they basically gave him the barn.

my reward… was how did you know that pile of dirt was wrong? and Thanks for telling me :laughing:


Oh man, what a mess.

First know the cost of lumber has recently REALLY dropped. I saw a graph the other day and will look for that and post it.

We built a big barn coming up on 3 yrs ago and our builder said it would have been 30% higher if we’d done it in the past couple years.

So if you can wait just a little bit you might really save money.

You definitely want to build Amish if possible. The cost is so much lower. And yes, the excavating, pad, utilities, lights, base, footing are all on top of the structure cost…but you know that.

I know of a local barn built by the same builder and something like 80x180 but not 18 ft high and the shell was $100k but that was 5 yrs ago.

Our arena is 18ft high and 72x144 but has two wings off each side of it at 24x166 and lots of concrete, permacolumn posts and lots of other add ons so I don’t know the cost of the arena alone.


If that’s true, they don’t skimp on quality.
In the 18yrs my barn/indoor have been up there have been zero problems with the structure & stalls also installed by them.

No thanks to my lackadaisical care of both :roll_eyes:
Heavy snowloads haven’t damaged the roof, though I only rake down what I can reach from the ground.
And no residual issue from former Hayguy who nearly took out a ceiling crossbeam pulling his loaded wagon down the aisle :open_mouth:
He had to go home & come back with a saw to cut the back of the wagon down.
And nail the beam back to the sister.
After that, I’d ask if he was bringing “My” wagon :smirk:

Is it steel or wood?

I have a 206x80x18 (all riding ring; no barn) Amish built (King Construction) in 2005. Mine is steel outside and steel roof. About 24 windows that open. Two large doors and 2 people doors. It was erected over an existing pad that was a riding ring, so I didn’t have excavation costs. I paid 120k for it, and thought it was a fabulous deal. I have no idea what it would cost now for the same thing.

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Our Dutch Doors are by SilverCraft out of Indiana and think that’s an Amish company. Highly recommend their product. Maybe they would have builder recommendations? My
husband knows building and has high standards and he was VERY impressed by our Amish

I can’t get over it. I find that really funny. OMG, when the dirt becomes federal!