AQHA HUS stallion suggestions

Okay so I have made the decision to breed my TB mare this spring to a AQHA stallion. I am looking to do HUS and eventually the over fences with AQHA. I would also like to show locally in the actual hunters. My mare is very fine boned but a beautiful mover. She had 60 starts at the track and retired sound from her racing career with a clean set of x rays. She is a good girl,though sensitive. I’m looking to add bone and to make this foal more ammy friendly than it’s mother. Right now I am looking at a couple of stallions and am trying to narrow it down to possibly take advantage of some of the early booking congress specials. I want to make sure that I am not missing anyone since I am only halfway in the AQHA world. I would like to keep the stud fee under $1500.

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You need to make sure the stallion has his full papers. He cannot be Appendix registered. If he is appendix, you will not get AQHA papers on your foal.

Here is more about breeding:

Also if you want the foal/s to be AQHA registered, even as appendix, you need to register the TB mare/stallion first with AQHA:

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Yes that is correct, I am only looking at stallions with full AQHA papers and I have already sent in the paperwork to get her T number assigned and with the backup with AQHA hopefully that will be back sometime before spring.

That is great, you are putting the horse before the cart so to say.

Could you pick brains of some of the more successful HUS breeders out there, see what they think with your mare’s breeding and conformation what would be a good cross?
Seems that you are aiming for something so very specific, you almost have to be in that discipline to even guess where to go with that mare to get that one HUS foal as a first time breeder there.

Bluey - I have a couple of stallions on my short list and my trainer has given me her input but there are so many AQHA stallions out there and now there are a ton of stallions who are exclusively promoted for the HUS world. I was just hoping that I could hear other’s input on what HUS stallions everyone else likes. Every one has their own opinion and to what stallions work best with TB’s for the show ring.

Take a look at Its A Southern Thing. Should give the bone and mind - plus he is 16 hh himself so the height should still be there. He is a bit above your budget, even with his Congress Special.

It’s a southern thing is very popular. And would have good resale value right now. For your mare I would also look at the mechanic. I LOVE the immortal. He is by invitation only, great mind, we’ll built, good size, good bone, well known but not heavily promoted. But the babies that are out there do well.

I would also also look at pr tells a tale. He is a new stud that was never shown but I showed against one of his first foals all last year and oh my gosh. That horse is amazing. Great mind (out of a blood line known to be idiots) and amazing mover. Definitely look there

Trump card is a new one that might do well. I am not sure how big he is though. Hubba hubba Huntin would be nice. The vs studs as well esp the ones 16 plus. Too sleepy to zip would be very nice.

Some of the “hus” studs I wouldn’t use on a tb mare as I would be afraid they wouldn’t put enough bone on what they are wanting for a modern hus horse. I’m thinking allocate your assets, hot n blazing, hot ones only.

Let menknow now if you have questions.

In my barn I have hot n blazing, immortal, too sleepy to zip, artful investment, sky’s blue boy and allocate your assets and tb to give you an idea

and I’ve been level 2 champion, top 5 world show and top 3 masters congress over past 5 years with hus and over fences. Best of luck to you. It’s scary but amazing

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I am done breeding, so spent the better part of last year looking for the AQHA/USEF cross-over horse you are tying to breed to get.
I ended up with a The Next Detail filly. She had 60 days on her by a good hand, and my 70 year old self plans to finish her out riding alone at home and hauling in to my USEF trainer. So, besides lofty movement, disposition was high on my list. She has the lofty movement, steady gaits, is an old soul and as easy as a 7/8 TB 3 year old filly can be. About 16-1+ (measured accurately at withers) at 3.5 years. She passed a $$$ vet check with all joints x-rayed with no issues. Informal photos from this week attached below.

The Next Detail

The Krymsun Kruzer (16-1) was also on my wish list, but could not find any for sale. I did travel to look at a These Irons are Hot 3 yr gelding out of a western bred mare, and he was easy and a great mover, but vetting found some sore joints that did not resolve a month later. I also have admired PR Tells a Tale’s conformation for years, and would have bred a mare to him but had quit. If I was looking for a stud, and there are sooo many advertised, I would go back to the results for the AQHA World Shows hunter classes (google AQHA World Show 2018, AQHYA World 2019, and see the sires represented by multiple entries.

Miley 3.5 9-19 D.jpg

Miley 3.5 yrs B.jpg

Need to add that the AQHA English Special Events starts next year. There is a Facebook page by that name with lots of detailed information. Please ‘like’ it so you are kept informed. There also will be an ESE information meeting at Congress (refreshments added, I hear) and the World Show. I will be at the World Show meeting. Also great news is that a BNT will be giving a tutorial on the long awaited ‘Working Hunter Under Saddle’ class at this year’s judge’s seminar, so maaaybe that class will actually get into the computer system so it can be held.

AQHA did step up and donate High Point AQHA horse awards for both East and West Sallie B Wheeler USEF/USHJA Hunter Breeding National Championship shows. The QHs shown placed very well in their classes - photos on the AQHA Eng Sp Ev Facebook page, scroll down.

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Thank you everyone for the responses. A few I have been looking at are There’s No Telling, CBS WhiteCollar Ride, UnForgettable and DGS Replicated. The first two are both by Coats N Tails who I really liked. I have always loved UnForgettable. DGS Replicated I am worried that he will not pass on much bone as he is very high in the TB even though he has his full AQHA papers through performance.

I will take a look at the others mentioned. I have ridden a Hot N Blazing mare and loved her even though she was quirky.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I just want to make sure that I haven’t missed anyone. I am hoping that this foal will be my keeper show horse to bring along myself.

I think I heard somewhere that Coats And Tails can be pretty tough rides. But that can mean so many different things to different people.

I hadn’t heard that but looking at all of There’s No Telling’s foals they all seem to be pretty ammy friendly and all of them have an amazing trot!

CBS WhiteCollar Ride’s first foals are yearlings now so we don’t know anything yet as far as ride ability but since I have been asking for movement of his foals since May I have a feeling that I will be passing on him this year. I mean it’s great that the stallion is a nice mover but if they don’t pass it what’s the point. I’m not against going with a newer stallion but if there are foals on the ground I want to see how they move.

Don’t think so, as so many of them have been working hunter and eq o/f stars at all the world shows.

I LOVED Unforgettable when he showed, and followed him closely at the World Show when he was Superhorse. He had been in horsey jail before the Rita Crundrell sale, then had a month refresher OF, and headed to the World Show. He got a bad rep for being very loud for the first day or so, totally understandable, considering his jail time, but I watched him school and get badly boxed into the rail in Pleasure Driving with no ears back reaction , so I did look hard for a young horse by him. None of them had his movement on videos, but do not know who their mamas were. I would take a chance on him, but check for the Skys Blue Boy melanoma curse.

I also like There’s No Telling, and kept asking his owner if this or that sale yearling would make a hunter, always no, more an all around. Have no idea why. Maybe legs, you need to go look in person at the studs.

That said, I once picked the only dead straight legged hunter stud at Congress to breed to my pigeon-toed mare, and got a club footed colt, so go figure.

I too LOVED UnForgettable when he was showing!!! But like you I haven’t seen a foal that impressed me. But he looked very tolerant in his over fences class and I like the fact that I have a 75% chance of getting a gray foal with him.

Unfortunately I’m in an area that is not strong with AQHA stallions as I agree that I would love to look at them before making a decision. I like to look at legs and feet more than anything.

I’m not sure why TNT’s owner would say none of those babies would be good hunters, they look to be well put together for the most part. I will have to talk to her about that.

Luckily my mare has great legs even though they lack bone. She has had a successful local hunter career up to 3’ but she is slightly high strung so we never made it to the A shows. She is still sound and is living a less stressful life ourside of the show ring but we still jump a lot.

I love Un Foegettable as well but I have a soft spot for anything with SBW on their papers.

AVOID The Only Escape. I have a direct son of him and he is a very, very tough ride. I have heard the Invitation Onlys can be tough minded, but this is the only one I have ridden. He is nearly 18H and a devil to keep sound due to his really, really crappy feet. As always, YMMV.

TOE sons aren’t bad, but the daughters are crazy. But yes - can be tough.

Good to know. He was one that was on my list. I will cross him off as my mare is already not really an easy ride and while I am hoping this is my keeper baby and I don’t mind a tough ride I want to keep my options open in case the foal turns out to not be what I want. I want to make sure that what I am breeding is also a baby that is marketable.

He is 18H on size 1 feet - basically that should be illegal.

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