Australian Olympic jumper suspended - oh the irony!

If only the selectors had picked Rowan…

Australian Olympic equestrian athlete Jamie Kermond provisionally suspended after for testing positive for cocaine

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Australian show jumper Jamie Kermond has been provisionally suspended from competition for testing positive for cocaine.

Kermond, 36, had been named on the Australian equestrian team and was due to make his first Olympics appearance at Tokyo.

Equestrian Australia released a statement saying Kermond had returned a positive A-sample for a metabolite of cocaine following a test conducted by Sport Integrity Australia on June 26th.

The Australian Olympic Team Selection Committee will consider the matter later today.


The country’s top showjumpers were overlooked for the Olympic team

OUSTED: Armidale’s Rowan Willis was overlooked for the Australian Olympic team despite being the highest ranked athlete. Photo: Cara Grimshaw.

Australia’s highest ranked rider, Rowan Willis, has been overlooked for a starting spot in the Olympic showjumping team.

Instead Jamie Kermond, ranked as 1150th on the world scale, will take his place at Tokyo later this month.

Australia’s second highest ranked athlete, Scott Keach, has also been knocked out of the team.

He will be replaced by Katie Laurie ranked 469th.

They will be joined by Edwina Tops-Alexander.

Willis, who is ranked 59th and was named as the team’s reserve, queried the decision of selectors in an email to Equestrian Australia executives.

“I met all the nomination criteria, threshold criteria, the additional provisions related to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to 2021 and the confirmation result criteria,” he said.

"In these three years I have had the best results of any other Australian rider by far.

"I, along with Blue Movie, have been one of the most successful partnerships in the world winning roughly [$2 million].

“My partnership with my horse Blue Movie has been one of the best and most consistent in the world over the last four years and I am sure many people worldwide would consider we have the ability to achieve an individual medal and contribute towards Australia achieving a team medal.”

Under Equestrian Australia rules, two officials select the team.

Criteria to be on the team includes being an Australian citizen, association member and satisfies the Australian Olympic Committee.

It is unlikely selectors will overturn their decision.

Egg, face.


Does anyone know why they didn’t choose Rowan Willis? or Scott Keach for that matter too? I can understand “overlooking” a higher ranked person when you’ve got a lot of depth to choose from, but it doesn’t seem as though Australia is picking from the cream of the crop here either…


It seems odd that a nation with so little depth would pass over their top show jumpers for others who are ranked so much lower. Was any reason given for the selectors’ choices?

So Willis, as the alternate, is presumably now on the team. Will another alternate be allowed? Hard to imagine considering the travel arrangements but well, it’s a crazy year.

I believe the horses coming from Europe have already been in quarantine for a while, and are getting ready to leave for Tokyo on Sunday. I can’t imagine how someone else could be added this late in the process, unless they have different quarantine requirements there.


He withdrew as the alternate earlier this month so whoever replaced him should now be on the team: Rowan Willis withdraws from the Tokyo Olympics | World of Showjumping

I did not realize he was passed over for a much lower ranked rider, that is crazy and such a shame. Blue Movie is a fabulous mare and they deserved to go!


Oh my gosh - you are correct. It was mentioned in a recent post. Cared more about his horse than the Games. Oh the irony is right!


From an article in the Australian
On Monday, The Australian revealed the nation’s top-ranked show jumper Rowan Willis was over­looked in favour of Kermond, who had sponsorship links to Stephen Lamb, one of two national selectors.


Hol’ up with that shallow-pond stuff. Two of the US eventing team are Australians, thankyouverymuch.

We don’t lack for depth, we lack for opportunity. Going overseas with a horse for us is a $30k trip, and anyone who followed Gill Rolton’s saga (reminder: Gold medallist in Atlanta, finished X-country with a broken collarbone and ribs) would remember, often EA doesn’t (or didn’t) allocate you any support to bring your horse home if you don’t win.


Holy cow. Really? That’s terrible.


Scott Keach has had an opportunity in 1988 and 2016. Rowan hasn’t had a chance to make a splash at the Olympics yet - much more disappointing he wasn’t selected

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I was referring to show jumpers since that is what this thread is about but I should have been more specific. And Boyd and Phillip are AMERICANS thankyouverymuch and have been for many years now. :slight_smile: Selling their Olympic horses after the Games is nothing new, I can remember as far back as the 1960s that was being done because it was too expensive to ship them back home. That’s a tough choice that every Australian owner has to make. Maybe they should base themselves in the UK like the eventers do so that they are closer to top competitions.

Finishing cross country with broken bones and concussions was not unusual back in the day before the rules were changed. Bruce Davidson broke his ribs in a fall at KY and then got back on another horse and did the cross country again because completing was part of the Olympic selection requirement and many others had similar experiences in those days.


Edwina Tops just made a heart breaking post on Facebook. What an absolute tragedy for her and Katie. Imagine working your whole life for this moment and it gets ripped away because of the selfish choices of someone who probably shouldn’t even have been on the team in the first place.

She said there is no word yet about whether or not they’ll be able to compete as individuals.


So will they form a team or not? No 3rd rider…no team?

Someone on her Instagram post said there is no reserve rider after Rowan withdrew, so there is no horse in quarantine

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I would be happy to help you punch him out, that guy is a disgrace, how can he ever face his teammates after costing them their Olympic chance? I hope the others can compete as individuals at least.


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Ugh. Extremely horrible for everyone involved.