Baby rat

Our son got a fuzzy rat (eyes barely open, still on milk). He over estimated the girth of his snake. The baby rat was too big. The lady at the pet store purposely gave him the runt because she said it wouldn’t make it anyway (he was smaller than his littermates and his hips were a bit bony). When we got home and looked at the snake, we saw the rat was too big. So, of course, being a fan of rats, I got the KMR out.

I don’t know if the baby will make it. I got him yesterday and he’s eating with vigor, so there’s hope. His little hips are less prominent now. His eyes are barely open, so he might be ready to try yogurt or banana soon.

Many young rats have upper respiratory infections. If he sneezes a lot, I might be able to talk our vet into selling us a tiny amount of Baytril. I have a scale for the dosage.

Anyway, there are some hurdles, but here is the baby rat. Name ideas are appreciated. We thought Simon, but not sure.

And we really need to get the snake on frozen!


Oh I just love the name Simon… He is so CUTE! your situation is similar to how I ended up with my first rat… a friend had snakes and his snake wouldn’t eat her. Her name was Jolene and while I love my cats and dogs she was one of the most extraordinary animals I’ve ever owned. Smart, with a wicked sense of humor. Please keep us updated on Simon, he is so stinking cute. I’m always a PM away if you have any rat questions, after Jolene I had quite a few.


I like the name Simon for him. He’s so cute! I hope he continues to do well.


He’s adorable! And the name is perfect. I had two male rats several years ago and loved them, but the cats tried to grab them whenever they were out of their cage, so I never got another when they died.

Please keep us updated!

(Mine were snake-food rats too. In fact I took one because I was in the pet store when a guy brought him in and said he was his former stud rat, but he had a new male so this guy could go for snake food. Before I realized what I was doing, I said “I’ll take him!” Turns out he and my other rat were instant BFFs and lived together happily.)


I have fond memories of a neighborhood kid who had 2 rats. " Waddles & Pooper" were their names. I was in kindergarten and used to play with them all the time. I hope Simon does well.


His eyes are definitely open. From the websites I found, he’s of age for introducing new foods. He tried a few licks of yogurt and sucked a little juice from a piece of grape. It was very cute. His little eyes lit up when he tasted the grape. One of the cotton candy ones, lol.

Oh, and we have poop. I use a q-tip dipped in warm water to help him go. He’s in a glass cage at the moment, but we’ll move him to a wire cage when he gets more hair. He has a warm light and fleece clothes to snuggle in. It’s about 80-90 degrees in his cage.

The only thing I worry about is socialization with other rats, but we’re not in a position to feed two the same he, so we might need to find him a male friend the same age when he’s on solid foods.


Oh squeee! He is so cute. I love ratties. Try getting another friend for him soon so he can be socialized. Plus, at this age they are too cute as they learn to explore and play together. And yes, his name is Simon.
Simon Stinkin’ Cute not Simon SSSSSSSSSSSSsnake Food.


Simon is one really lucky rat!


Omg he’s so cute!! I love the name Simon.


He’s eating more and moving around a lot more. His back end has filled out quite a bit. He squeaks at me when I’m about to feed him, but not as interested in the formula from the syringe. He enjoyed licking it off a tiny piece of bread, though. He also nibbled more grape and a little walnut. We’ll pick up rat food for him to start messing with.

The squeaking. I’m worried it’s upper respiratory. I think he’s communicating because he’s quiet after he’s eaten, but I’ll ask the vet in the morning.


I think it’s so funny that food for a pet ended up becoming a pet itself :joy:. I struggle with accepting the realities of nature, so I couldn’t have a pet that eats other live animals. I can’t handle cats for the same reason and I’m sure that my dog’s food grows on kibble trees :joy:.


Another picture. Snuggled up after eating.


Simon visited the vet this morning. He has a little congestion. We have antibiotics to give him.


Aww he is the sweetest! I’m another rattie lover and am jingling for Simon! I hope his meds work and he continues to thrive. Lucky little guy!


He’s bright tonight. His grooming habits are better coordinated. He was cleaning his back toes rather gracefully. He is adorable. It’s cold, so he snuggled in my jacket at the vet to stay warm. We’ve had friendly rats but not one that fell asleep on you. This guy loves to snuggle between bouts of exploring. Thanks for the good wishes. I do hope he makes it.


More Simon pictures from just now. You can see how much better coordinated he is while cleaning his little face. Does anyone know what color he is? He has darker points on his back, ears, and nose.


His fur is growing out. When do they stop being fuzzies and have enough hair to turn off the heat lamp?

He still wants his syringe with KMR sometimes, but has graduated to KMR soaked young rat blocks.


He is just so cute! We definitely need pictures as he grows up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s freakin’ adorable!


OMG I cannot stand how cute he is! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: