Back button not working

On my cell phone, the back button no longer works on COTH only. It works on every other site to return to the previous page but not COTH. Nothing happens when I hit “back” on my browser. A bar doesn’t show up or anything. Anyone else?


No, all working fine, that is a strange problem if it is happening only on one place?

i found this, but is for the general problem, not just in one website:

—"How do I reset my back button?

Locate Apps or Application Manager (depending upon which device you use). Swipe the screen to the left to get to the All tab. Scroll down until you locate the currently running home screen. Scroll down until you see the Clear Defaults button (Figure A).Mar 18, 2019"—

First to try when something is not working is a reset, turn things off, wait a minute and restart.

Maybe someone else will know, @Simkie?

Yeah, I don’t know, but have been having this problem, too. I’ve been meaning to restart my phone to see if that makes a difference, but haven’t gotten around to it. I haven’t been on the computer to see if it’s happening there, too.

Can you give that a try @starhorse ?

This is the problem–multiple assets are loading so “back” is the same page you’re on for a few clicks.

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The back button seems to work fine on my laptop.

I tried restarting and turning off and on, neither worked. But yes, Simkie, this is what mine looks like if I hold down the back button on my phone. It looks like doubles of everything but hitting back once does nothing. Sometimes a quick double tap back works but not always.

I’m using Chrome on a Pixel.

Thanks for all the help and things to try so far :slight_smile:

Similar problem on my laptop, It seems to be n the “history”.
If I right clock the back button I get “Back button not working” 3 times, and then “Latest Topics” (which is where I came from) 3 times. If I select “Latest Topics” from the hstory, OR, if I hit the back button THREE times, I get back to “Latest Topics”.


I’ve noticed the back button not working very well for the past two or three days, on my laptop. I have the same method Janet using clicking the back button two or three times.

Ditto for problems on my work PC. Usually clicking 3 times works, but not always.

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Hmm… So it sounds like something about the site is logging each link click as several, because the history repeats as though you’ve been to the page a bunch of times. This is definitely new for me in the last week.

Mods/site tech folks, is this something you could look into or let the site hosts know?

Same problem on both my Kindle and laptop.

I’m having the same problem on two different laptops, both using Chrome. Sometimes when I hit the “back” button the stuff in the right column will change, but the main screen stays the same.

I sent in a message to the developers to have them look into the issue. Thank you for all of the information!


I did not feel like this was happening to me last week but this week the back button is for sure not working right on my computer too.

Still has not happened to me, sure a puzzler that one.

I have 2 x Samsung s7 edge phones. The back button is working on one and not on the other one.

I actually have never been able to use the back button since we switched to the new site. If I do, it either jumps up the current thread or goes to a blank white screen and I need to reload. Instead I click on “Latest” and then scroll down to find the next thread I want to read. I’m on an iPhone running Chrome.

The back button not working started on my phone (Android) a few weeks ago, but has now migrated to my PC (Windows) as of yesterday or so. When I want to go back, I have to right click on the back button and multiple of the same page populate.

I have noticed on other sites also…it all started working poorly about two weeks ago… I blame Microsoft…and actually this has been an ongoing issue since 2019

Recent issue for me (Chrome + Windows 10)-- started about 2ish weeks ago. Issue appears to be that multiple versions of this page are navigated to while ads load/refresh. Screenshot below-- and I can tell you that I definitely have not clicked on this thread 3x just for kicks and giggles:

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while ads load/refresh.

that might be the issue… I see the ad blocker I run has 12 ads/trackers blocked at this time on this site

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