Barisone assessment

I haven’t seen anything more about Michael Barisone’s 30 day forensic psychiatric evaluation. Did I miss it? I remember he was to come back before the judge on May 17. Is there an update?


Check the Go Fund Me page for updates. Absent any actual news, starting new threads here will just result in the same people repeating the same things over and over again ad nauseum


Just asking!! I didn’t know about the gofundme page.


If you search for Michael Barisone GoFundMe it should come right up. The heading is “Help Michael Barisone rebuild his life”.

Don’t feel bad for asking the question.

His court date was cancelled because of the delay moving him from the prison to the facility. A new date has not been scheduled yet as far as I know.


here is the link

He was only moved from the jail to the evaluation facility in mid may, a couple days before the original court appearance date. So all has been pushed back probably until the 2nd half of June.


His two week isolation has ended and he is waiting for a bed in the general population as far as I know. I feel certain he is being evaluated since he arrived and hope the hearing can happen soon.


Generally, patients meet with their doctor(s) daily, Monday - Friday, to discuss treatment, medications, and general progress. The patient is also continuously monitored by other members of the treatment team through out each day. Finding the right medications for patients, and making adjustments to medications and dosages, can take some time and is often the main reason most patients are kept inpatient for extended periods. Once the patient is stable on their meds and is showing progress in treatment, the medical team will then start considering the patient’s release. The medical team will schedule appointments and referrals with outside providers so patients have continuity of care when discharged from the hospital. Treatment will continue in an outpatient setting.

COVID has delayed a lot of things in the court and hospital systems. Hospitals have higher burdens due to over whelming case loads on top of an increase in tasks due to COVID protocols. COVID has caused staff shortages and/or required staff to work outside of the hospital (often virtually). AK will provide their evaluation of MB at MB’s rescheduled court date. A lot of patients improve drastically by simply being removed from their previous environment and stressors. A huge part of treatment is teaching patients coping skills so they can handle the “outside world.” That coupled with the right meds can be life changing.

According to AK’s website, visitation has been discontinued because of COVID but patients (generally) have daily phone rights where they can keep in touch with family and friends. I assume important updates will continue to be posted on MB’s Go Fund Me.

I’m happy MB is past the initial COVID quarantine so he can move forward with treatment.

Edited to add detail.


Most recent update (made today) copied and pasted from Mb’s GFM page:

“Today by Lara Osborne, Organizer
Hi everyone. I apologize for the lack of updates. It is hard to give updates when not much is happening. Michael is doing well and is anxious to have this all behind him. He is done with the 2 week quarantine and now he is waiting for a bed to open in a different unit. Ann Klein is a relatively small hospital with just over 200 beds. It shines the light on how woefully lacking our system is for anyone with real mental issues. Before Michael was moved to the hospital from the jail, one of the guards told me it would probably take a month for him to be moved. He said even when they had an inmate in a real mental crisis it would take about a month. How awful!
Michael can receive letters and cards so please feel free to write! The unit he is in does not allow for them to have pencils or paper so he cannot write back.
The address is
Ann Klein Forensic Center
Attn:Michael Barisone
1609 Stuyvestant Ave
P.O. Box 7717
West Trenton, NJ 08628
The hearing has been rescheduled. Once I have more information I will post about it.
Thank you all for your support!”


This is sounding positive re his mindset and the situation. Hope that is true.


It’s reassuring to know he is not in a state of mental
crisis now. Hopefully that bodes well for his treatment and eventual release



Deppinitely a good saying.




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Thank you for asking the question, OP, and thanks for all who provided info. I’ve been travelling for a fortnight and missed the entire last thread! :astonished:

It sounds like things are moving in the right direction for him finally. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the end of confinement and that he’s getting some excellent and appropriate care for both his mental health and his physical health challenges (he must have lingering issues having had such a complex break of his arm and then no real medical care, rehab, PT, etc.).


Best wishes for everyone involved in a very difficult situation. :crossed_fingers:


Tomorrow will mark three weeks since MB was moved to Ann Klein, and since the judge specified a 30-day evaluation period, I would hope that the hearing has been scheduled for very soon after he reaches that 30-day mark. Seem it would be a violation of his civil rights to keep him locked up much longer, esp. considering that he has already been incarcerated for nearly 2-1/2 years.


2 years and 10 months! :frowning:


Warmblood1- Barisone is in for a forensic psychiatric assessment to ascertain the risk he poses to the public and himself. He’s not being actually treated. A treatment plan will be developed after his next court appearance, I expect.