Barn and arena building 2021

So I’ve decided to start a new thread about barn and arena building without any financial info as I do think pricing on barns is pretty useful info.
Please don’t refer to my starting info I had in the old thread as I’m trying to keep the trolls from spamming my website email.

I’ve gotten some beginning quotes back on barns. I’m asking for a quote for three things;
A 60x36 barn
A 125x275 outdoor
And a 80x200 indoor

If I do the indoor, I will loose about 36 feet of the length for the stalls.

So far I’ve only gotten barn estimates back. First one was 25k for metal building with 2 large doors and 1 side entrance door and openings for Dutch doors on one side. With concrete, water, and electrical the estimate is about 35k. This does not include the stalls (but I will be building them myself ) I estimate 45k all done with stalls.

Second quote was 60k steel barn, excavation, water, concrete, electric included, with all exterior doors, one cupola with fan.

I’m looking forward to seeing the indoor arena estimates. They won’t include footing as I’ve found someone who’s willing to sell me footing by the truckload at low cost.

Question to anyone who has an indoor; did you crown the arena or leave it flat?

I found the old thread very interesting. Got a steal on my barn last year. About $45k total including dirt work. But we got a 20% discount on materials because the lumberyard was over stocked. Did packed lime fines instead of concrete (which I love) and got a good deal on labor. Would be a 4 stall barn but we went with 2 giant stalls instead.

Have you looked at Clear Span buildings? I’ve ridden at a place that built a large one that they used as arena and barn with temporary stalls.

They eventually got enough money to build a “real barn” and move the temp stalls over there.

We didn’t crown the covered arena, but made a proper base compacted and leveled well, then added sand for footing.
Mostly used to start colts and reining, working cow horse and different kinds of 4H and high school events, barrels, poles, breakaway/calf/team roping.

Has held well over some years of use now, keeping it well dragged regularly.

My understanding is that crowning is used in outdoor arenas to facilitate draining water, not necessary if covered.

I’m definitely going to get a quote from them. I know the pricing used to be really similar to wood, but with wood price so high it might be a lot cheaper.

45k is a good deal!

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Thanks, that what I thought about crowning but I couldn’t remember if it also had to do with keeping the footing from all ending up in the center of the arena or something…

Nice indoors I have been in have a proper base with footing on top, and level (not crowned or sloped). Most outdoors aren’t built crowned anymore but slightly sloped. You will ideally want good irrigation also for your indoor to maintain the footing and control dust.